ICyte Benchmarks

Leverage Pharmaceutical Industry Insights to Optimize Market Access

“ICyte Benchmarks enable us to understand key pricing and contracting market trends so we can quickly and accurately adjust and optimize our market access strategy.”

Vice President | Market Access

Benchmark Data for Pharma Market Insights

ICyte technology offers benchmark data for brand and gross-to-net by therapeutic type, class, distribution channels, and a class-of-trade.

Market access strategies are not static; they need to adjust and evolve as the market segment, patient population behavior, and competition changes. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical market access teams are often faced with a ton of questions, but little trustworthy market data.

ICyte Benchmarks provides data-driven insights that help address common market access questions and challenges including:

  • How are other companies contracting?
  • How do sales vary by point of care?
  • What are the most common gross-to-net line items?
  • How do sales in this category vary by class-of-trade?
Logo for ICyte Benchmarks, pharmaceutical technology that provides data-driven, market access insights for pharma manufacturers
Channel Design Analogs Icon

Channel Design analogs provide a clear view of the distribution, channel mix and pathway to the provider/patient for a competitive or analog market baskets

Gross-to-Net Analogs Icon

Gross-to-Net waterfall and line-item models based on competitive or analog market basket

Point-of-Care Segmentation Icon

Point-of-Care analogs provide dispenser and site care deciles at an address and class of trade level based on a competitive or analog market basket

Contract Benchmarks Icon

With Contract Benchmarks, pharma manufacturers can leverage our repository of terms, clauses, and timing and performance criteria

Trade & market access leaders will align on optimal channel design, using syndicated data to capture how the product is distributed to points of care or to identify missing points-of-care.

Channel Design Analogs provide a clear view of the distribution, channel mix, and pathway to the provider/patient for a competitive or analog market basket(s):

  • Distribution model
  • Channel/class-of-trade mix
  • Network size & composition
  • Specialty pharmacy index
  • White/brown bagging
Market Access Leaders using ICyte
Finance Leaders leveraging pharma market insights

Finance leaders can build a consensus GTN forecast with accurate data history and reliable, comparable industry benchmarks

GTN Analogs offer GTN waterfall and line item models based on competitive or analog market basket(s):

  • Government programs blueprint
  • Government pricing policies and methodology documents
  • Completed MDRP, 340B, and other agreements
  • SOPs for relevant processes
  • FSS databank and solicitation documents (part of retainer)
  • Coverage gap agreement and/or p-number piggybacking

Commercial teams are able to prioritize site/point-of-care programs without worrying about gaps in available market data.

POC analogs provide dispenser and site of care deciles at an address and class of trade level based on a competitive or analog market basket(s):

  • Retail pharmacy deciles
  • Infusion site deciles
  • Vaccination site deciles
Point-of-care for vaccination site deciles
Contract Executive planning market access strategies using data-driven pharma insights

Contract executives stay up-to-date with new or common best practices outside their company or product portfolio, allowing them to make optimal data-driven decisions about contract strategy and contract negotiations.

IntegriChain can leverage its repository of terms, clauses, timing, and performance criteria to develop better contracts with:

  • Payers
  • Distributors
  • Specialty pharmacies
  • Group purchasing org
  • Hospital systems

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