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How to Self Police Revenue Leakage due to 340B Program Non-Compliance

There is broad agreement across the pharmaceutical industry and Congress that that 340B program needs more oversight and statutory change. But with so much congressional paralysis and midterm elections on the horizon, it’s highly unlikely that changes will occur anytime soon. The status quo leaves manufacturers with few remedies for pursuing suspected diversion or duplicate rebate claims generated by providers or pharmacies. In this webinar, we’ll look at examples of non-compliance, specifically diversion and duplicate discounting, that manufacturers and Payers can flag and act on. Using IntegriChain’s analytics platform to crosswalk pharmacy sell-in data, rebates, and chargebacks, we’ll demonstrate how manufacturers can identify non-compliant 340 transactions.
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Launch Readiness for Commercial Contracting and Government Programs: Coverage and Policy Trends

Join us for the first in a series of webinars focused on Access Launch Readiness. We’ll start this series with our new daVIZta colleagues for a great entry point for emerging Life Sciences manufacturers who are planning their launch within the next two years. Jeff Baab and Jen Sharpe will share their thought leadership and experience with payer coverage and policy trends that will affect your go to market Payer strategy and downstream Gross-to-Net impacts.


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Strategies for Data-Driven Field Reimbursement Teams

Facilitating patient access to prescribed specialty therapeutics continues to be a challenge in a difficult managed care environment. Patients need help navigating obstacles that delay therapy initiation, such as prior authorization and rising out-of-pocket costs, and cause interruptions in treatment. Field Reimbursement (FRM) teams need data-driven solutions to triage stalled patient cases, intervene as patients accrue gap days and evaluate the effectiveness of patient engagement. In this webinar, IntegriChain Patient Segment Lead Sean McCarthy will discuss the challenges FRM teams encounter on a regular basis and share a number of data-driven solutions your team can implement to drive results.
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Specialty Pharmacy Patient Status Data Quality Challenges and Solutions

Without visibility into each individual patient journey, your specialty brand cannot consistently intervene to help patients overcome barriers to therapy initiation and adherence. Today, the poor quality of specialty patient status data is making it impossible to calculate accurate KPI metrics and uncover true patient journey insights. This blog post examines in detail three critical patient status data quality challenges and recommends solutions your specialty brand can implement to overcome these challenges, and ultimately, help patients start therapy faster and stay on therapy longer.

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Unlock the Power of Scorecard Analytics to Maximize Pay-for-Performance

This webinar covers major enhancements to trade partner scorecard functionality found within IntegriChain Distribution Analytics. These enhancements allow Scorecard users to utilize robust trade partner agreement data to further maximize pay-for-performance by analyzing channel investment against performance through IntegriChain's powerful Data on Demand and reporting tools.

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Leveraging Distributor Contract Management to Optimize Evolving DSAs

As distribution service agreements evolve over time, manufacturers must have the ability to run what-if analyses on actual scorecard data to analyze the overall effect various changes under consideration would have on trade partner payments. In this post, we look at how Distributor Contract Management can be leveraged to optimize changes to DSAs.

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