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How Not to Handle Rebates

As financial pressures increase, pharmaceutical companies are paying greater attention to cutting costs and increasing efficiency. However, rebate expenditures continue to expand.

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Finding the Value in Outsourced Contract Administration

The growing complexity of managed markets contract support makes outsourcing a near-necessity for emerging pharmaceutical companies, and a better option for big pharma.

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Specialty Pharmacy Status/Sub-Status Analysis Highlights Inconsistencies in Data Quality

IntegriChain examined the quality and granularity of status/sub-status data across 40 specialty pharmacies representing different classes of trade (regional independent, mid-sized payer, large PBM, etc.). The records we combed through included 15 specialty brands in five therapeutic areas: Immunology, Hematology, Virology, Oncology, and Pulmonary/Respiratory.

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Trends in Specialty Pharmacy Channel Design – Takeaways from Asembia

As new therapies trend more and more toward high price, niche, or patient-tailored treatments often requiring special handling, the surge of interest in all things specialty pharmacy is no surprise. The enormous rise in specialty brand launches has changed the traditional channel distribution model.

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Unlock the Power of Scorecard Analytics to Maximize Pay-for-Performance

This webinar covers major enhancements to trade partner scorecard functionality found within IntegriChain Distribution Analytics. These enhancements allow Scorecard users to utilize robust trade partner agreement data to further maximize pay-for-performance by analyzing channel investment against performance through IntegriChain's powerful Data on Demand and reporting tools.

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Leveraging Distributor Contract Management to Optimize Evolving DSAs

As distribution service agreements evolve over time, manufacturers must have the ability to run what-if analyses on actual scorecard data to analyze the overall effect various changes under consideration would have on trade partner payments. In this post, we look at how Distributor Contract Management can be leveraged to optimize changes to DSAs.

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