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Bringing together data science and advanced analytics with highly-scalable and sophisticated applications to tackle today’s most challenging and complex drug commercialization processes.

ICyte, IntegriChain’s market access platform, leverages data to help pharma manufacturers manage and scale contracts, pricing, gross-to-net modeling, patient access, and more. To learn more about how ICyte can apply to your pharmaceutical commercialization processes, contact our sales and consulting team today.

pharma data platform for managing government pricing

Contracts & Pricing Resources


Updated Review and Interpretation of the Inflation Reduction Act

Jeff Baab spoke on a panel at Contracts & Pricing USA with Endo Pharmaceuticals, providing a refresher overview of the Inflation Reduction Act and how it will affect you and your company – both for commercial and GP department​.
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 Case Study

Big Pharma Conversion of Legacy Revenue Management to Innovative ICyte SaaS Platform

IntegriChain was approached by a top-15 pharma manufacturer with 39 in-line therapies covering 73 indications and an additional 12 drugs in phase 3 clinical trials. Most recently, their legacy portfolio is facing significant public policy pressure.
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pharma platform for gtn accruals

simplifying GTN processes with the Icyte pharma analytics platform

Gross-to-Net Resources


Gross-To-Net Considerations for Launching Specialty and Specialty-Lite Products

The growth of specialty and specialty-lite drugs means that manufacturers have to contend with channel design and pricing challenges as they approach commercialization and beyond.

 Case Study

Driving Gross-to-Net Excellence and Portfolio Expansion in Mid-Market Pharma​

Learn more about a pharma manufacturers overcoming challenges when launching into a new therapeutic category.


aggregate your pharma data sets for Channel Solutions with ICyte


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pharma data platform for order management

Channel Resources


Thoughts Following Asembia 2023 Part 1: Exploring the New Pharmacy Landscape

Channel expert Bill Roth explores how specialty pharmacy has evolved and their take on the current landscape and insights from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

 Case Study

Comprehensive Channel and Payer Contracting at Top-10 Pharma Manufacturer​

This customer is one of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical manufacturers with 76 in-line drugs covering more than 100 conditions across 10 therapeutic categories and another dozen drugs in phase 3 clinical trials.


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Patient Access Resources

 Case Study

Creating the Access Backbone for Leading Rare Disease Portfolio

This customer had three in-line therapies across Immunology, Hematology, and Infectious Disease with another five therapies in phase III clinical trials, driving the need for more aggressive commercial contracting​.


Best Practices: Identifying and Avoiding Patient Access Barriers

Adapted from IntegriChain’s 2021 Access Insights Conference panel session: Best Practices for Launch featuring DBV Technologies, Karyopharm Therapeutics, and Sesen Bio.


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