Gross-to-Net Consulting

Take Control of Your Net-Pricing

“IntegriChain has become a trusted partner, helping to monitor and manage our gross-to-net modeling and revenue recognition.”

Vice President | Market Access

With GTN consulting services from IntegriChain, finance, contract management, pricing, and operational teams can ensure they have optimal contracting strategies in place and that they understand the impact on both compliance and net-price.

IntegriChain’s GTN consulting covers three primary service areas, powered by ICyte data from over 550 brands:

GTN Data, Process & Methodology

Access to a historical trend methodology library on common GTN accrual lines including:

  • Returns
  • Chargebacks
  • Medicaid rebates
  • Coverage gap rebates
  • Managed care
  • Copay programs

GTN Benchmarks & Analogs

Leverage pharmaceutical industry insights to optimize:

  • Rebates, copay, chargebacks, and inventory
  • Payer mix & returns
  • 852 roll forward data
  • Commercial contracting & government regulation
  • GTN “what-if” analytics

GTN Profitability Assessment

Qualitative value propositions that evaluate:

  • Risk and compliance
  • Revenue optimization
  • Profitability
  • Business continuity
  • Agility

With proper insights, finance teams gain confidence about GTN processes such as:

  • Pressure testing GTN organizational design, data sources, and methodologies against successful industry best practices
  • Analyzing root causes of large GTN true-ups, financial statements adjustments, and/or audit points.
  • Access to the most up-to-date, correct data and fields to forecast GTN

IntegriChain’s GTN Process Assessment analyzes benchmarks and provides recommendations on GTN organizational design, data sources, and methodologies. We can uniquely provide:

  • Methodology library
  • Anonymized analogs
  • Benchmarks from the Revenue Analytics Collaborative.
  • GTN subject matter experts
Process Design for Gross to Net Management
Pharma Drug Medicine and Market Trading Stock

Finance teams can also better understand the profitability of a specific drug or category of drugs.

IntegriChain’s GTN Profitability Assessment analyzes customer data and contracts to ensure that cross-channel impacts and interdependent GTN factors are being considered and measured to improve their GTN forecast. We can uniquely provide:

  • Commercial contracting & government regulation expertise
  • Market basket analysis
  • Benchmarks from the Revenue Analytics Collaborative

Create and maintain accurate, comprehensive, and transparent gross-to-net models.

IntegriChain offers several Gross-to-Net Modeling services to address a wide ranging of analytical and reporting challenges including:

  • Forecast Modeling
    Forecast GTN liability within excel by line item either at a pre-launch or commercialized.  Provides “what if” scenarios and standard analytics.
  • Accrual Modeling
    Provides the ability to accrue based on demand vs pipeline, allows for true-ups by earned period, reserve required calculation, balance sheet roll-forward, reconciliation and adjustments. Accrue for GTN liability within excel by line item either for pre-launch or after commercialization.
  • Price Protection Modeling
    Assess short-term and long-term financial impact of proposed Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) price increase.
  • Drug Price Modeling
    Including copay programs, best price, Medicare and Medicaid price negotiations, and coverage gap liabilities.
Gross To Net Models

Why Choose IntegriChain for Gross-to-Net Management?

IntegriChain provides sophisticated forecasting and GTN consulting support to evaluate the financial implications of commercialization decisions.

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  • ICyte Data Mart with Patient, Channel, Contracts & Pricing
  • Methodology Library
  • Automated Data Cleansing & Adjustments
  • Scalability & Auditability
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  • Project Accelerators
  • Change Management
  • Customer & Auditor Training
  • Business Partnering Hypercare
  • Complimentary product roadmap updates
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  • Sales/Demand/Inventory Harmonization
  • SOC Certified Process & Controls
  • Industry Expertise with CPAs/MBAs and Industry Experience
  • Cross-functional Communication
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  • Payer Mix & Returns Analog Benchmarks
  • Commercial Contracting & Government Regulation Expertise
  • GTN “What If” Analytics
  • Revenue Analytics Collaborative Industry Practices & Insights

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