Portfolio Growth & Expansion

Enabling Pharma Portfolio Management and Optimization

”Our month end process took 6-7 days, and now we are reviewing GTN in just 2 days”

VP, Finance

Manage a Growing and Diverse Product Pipeline

Whether manufacturers are entering new therapeutic categories, exploring new indications for a current product, or looking to spin out a division, portfolio growth presents both opportunities and challenges. Expanding business may expose gaps within market access infrastructure, data, or expertise. Patient populations may fluctuate based on archetype, causing changes to innovative contracting, channel design and patient support models. Decisions need to be made faster and based on data and insights.

This creates a tipping point for many pharmaceutical manufacturers’ existing systems and business processes. Managing Gross-To-Net as line items multiply and modeling what-if analysis to support business expansion decisions can become complex and risky without a dedicated platform to help with pharma portfolio management.

diverse product pipeline for pharmaceutical manufacturers

End to end sales reconciliation to channel inventory and demand

Model price changes with timely visibility to GP commitments and GTN liabilities

Chargeback, Government Pricing and rebate management at scale

Optimize patient conversion with mastered, consistent, and accurate data

Execute accrual management and forecasting solutions for gross-to-net

Decision support across wide-range of therapies and archetypes

Streamlined and more productive SP and distributor engagement

Managing Gross-To-Net on the ICyte Platform improves accuracy with an 80% reduction in true up dollars

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Leveraging innovation with pharmaceutical portfolio management technology

Leverage Innovation to Improve Market Access

Most pharmaceutical manufacturers have struggled to adopt performance-based contracting, engage in creative patient support programs, or adopt hybrid channel designs due to data, systems, and personnel being stuck in traditional siloes.

ICyte is the first and only platform that unites the financial, operational, and commercial data sets required to support therapy access in the era of specialty and precision medicine. With ICyte, pharmaceutical innovators can digitalize their market access operations, freeing up resources to focus on more data-driven decision support.

Eliminate operational barriers to value-based and other innovative contracts

Ability to adapt to changing channel demands, including specialty & retail, high-touch personalized medicines, and direct-to-patient distribution

Proactively identify and triage policy restriction impacts on patient initiation and adherence 

Improve visibility to the impact of pricing and contracting decisions on government channels and net sales

Gain operational productivity by lowering the total overhead cost of administering contracts

Reduce Revenue Leakage by uniting 867 data, chargebacks, and claim-level rebate details

73% of industry channel data housed in ICyte

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Future Proofing Market Access with a Unified Data and Technology Platform

There’s more innovation in disease treatment and prevention today than maybe at any time in human history. As Life Sciences continues to evolve to next-generation specialty and precision medicine, the technology supporting Market Access business processes and decisioning has not kept pace.

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The Case for GTN Automation

Given the diverse array of tasks, line items, and functional areas involved in day-to-day GTN processes, GTN automation remains a pain point for life sciences manufacturers. Adding to operational challenges is ongoing policy changes, healthcare reform, and increasingly complex distribution channels.

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