Chargeback Management

Gain better control of pharmaceutical chargebacks through unparalleled chargeback data processing and analytics

Data retrieval, scrubbing, validation and reconciliation, at scale, is a daunting challenge for most companies, and becomes even more critical for high priced products.

Effective Chargeback Data Management can uncover up to 10-15% gross margin erosion based on the trade partner mix, commercial contract volume, discount levels, and DSA terms

With IntegriChain’s Chargeback Management BPaaS (Business Process as a Service), we offer a full suite of pharmaceutical chargeback data reconciliation and analytics services across Commercial and Government contracts such as GPO/IDN providers, 340B and FSS. Our services marry expert contract management along with unparalleled chargeback verification, uniquely applying the most comprehensive set of validity checks and delivering operational reporting and wholesaler scorecards for more accurate chargeback data management.

Chargeback Management Color Diagram
Chargeback Error Detection

ICyte: Built for Chargeback Management Usability and Productivity

For a number of reasons, pharmaceutical manufacturers regularly are forced to spend system and human resources on identifying and resolving chargeback errors. Clearly, wholesaler distribution faces severe margin pressure. Further, widening gaps between 340B contract price and WAC incentivize arbitrage behavior, and trade partners don’t report chargeback reversals on salable returns to inventory up to 90 days after the original sale. In all cases, chargeback errors are difficult to prove without sophisticated analytics, experienced staff, and a robust application for identification of errors.

ICyte Chargeback Application provides:

  • Validations and HDA Error Processing Reconciliation
  • Resubmission Processing
  • Parent/child Membership Management for Wholesalers and Payers
  • Full EDI 844, 845, and 849 capabilities
  • Wholesaler Scorecards
  • ERP Integration

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Streamline your chargeback data.


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