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IntegriChain showed us how they could combine patient status, dispense, and other specialty pharmacy data together with machine learning to help us identify patients who were most likely to discontinue therapy. Wow!”

Associate Director, Specialty Trade Operations

Unlock Patient Insights with Patient Data Aggregation

Every specialty pharmaceutical brand team depends on accurate patient data solutions that provide timely patient status data to help identify and resolve any patient access obstacles. However, aggregating patient data from multiple providers, including hubs and specialty pharmacies, isn’t an easy task. Even more challenging is being able to de-identify and ensure the quality of the data. After all, bad data could lead to slow decisions… or bad ones.

Our Patient Data Aggregation solution utilizes our industry-leading data science and master data management technology to ensure the accuracy and actionability of patient status data. We do this by leveraging the following four unique capabilities.

Unlock Patient Data Aggregation Insights

Longitudinal De-Identification

Say farewell to multiple patients having the same ID or one patient having multiple IDs. IntegriChain creates truly unique identifiers that are consistent through the patient journey. Our patient data solutions provide a wide range of functionality, including:

  • Patient Tokenization
  • Patient Mastering
  • Post-Tokenization PHI Controls
  • Patient Mastering Quality Analytics
  • Patient Mastering Issue Triage

Data Integration and File Integrity

Patient data aggregation isn’t valuable if you’re not 100% confident in the integrity of the data. With a long history in data stewardship and quality management, IntegriChain remains the leader in ensuring the quality of patient status data. We accomplish via the following capabilities:

  • Data Ingestion & Mapping
  • Data Source Monitoring
  • Data File Validation
  • Required Field Validation
  • Record De-Duplication
  • Restatement Processing

Master Data Management

The foundation for a comprehensive, scalable data strategy is master data management (MDM). IntegriChain’s Patient Data Aggregation provides complete MDM capabilities for:

  • Point of Care Mastering
  • Payer Mastering
  • Product Mastering

Data Provider Management

As a full-service data aggregator, IntegriChain has decades of experience helping to identify and resolve operational issues with data providers. This includes:

  • Missing PHI Issue Triage to Data Provider
  • File Issue Triage to Data Provider
  • Daily Status Issue Triage to Data Provider
  • Data Provider Weekly Call Support
  • Data Provider Quarterly Business Review Support
Refined Patient Data Solution

Refined Patient Data

Improve your patient data and patient journey insight with advanced data quality stewardship, data cleansing, and master data management.

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to make critical access decisions on patient data where data is missing, misordered, mismapped, and used incorrectly.

In fact, poor patient analytics remains the number one issue that limits a specialty brand’s use of patient status data. Without this data, manufacturers lack accurate, timely insight into the patient journey. Furthermore, they’re unable to identify friction points that could be impacting patient initiation and adherence.

With IntegriChain’s Refined Patient Data solution, you can:

  • Get more timely visibility to providers who are struggling with payer restrictions
  • More accurately measure the impact of patient service programs on patient initiation and adherence
  • Make more informed decisions on patient access investments

IntegriChain’s Refined Patient Data solution utilizes world-class data science and statistical models to monitor, cleanse, and properly map aggregated patient status data, turning a useless mess into actionable data.

Fixing Specialty Pharmacy Data Faster

IntegriChain applies advanced analytics to address sticky barriers to specialty pharmacy (SP) data status actionability by quickly identifying and triaging problems with SP status maps or issues with SP patient status update timelines. Examples include:

  • Status Update Monitoring. Automated monitoring for timely specialty pharmacy data status updates on individual pending and active patients and triage of missing updates.
  • Status Sequence Validation. Alerts for data quality stewards when an SP reports a sequence of statuses for a patient that is inconsistent with the brand’s status definitions.
  • Status Sequence Analysis. Analytics on the sequences of statuses reported by an SP that identify status mapping problems and highlight when SP operations is not updating status.
  • First Patient Status Analysis. Analysis of the first status reported for a patient ID that identifies patient mastering problems and delays in SP reporting on new patients.
  • Sub-Status Utilization Analysis: A report of the frequency an SP uses each sub-status, highlighting potential mapping problems and under-capture of critical patient journey information.
Fixing Specialty Pharmacy Data Faster
Data Quality Monitoring

Data Quality Monitoring

IntegriChain’s Data Quality Cockpit functionality of the ICyte Platform provides a consolidated view of patient data quality. It covers a wide range of data stewardship alerts, issue reports, and analytics, including:

  • Missing Patient Status Trends
  • Failed Status Trends
  • Status Sequence Trends
  • First Status Trends
  • Sub-Status Utilization Trends
  • Daily Data Quality Action Items & Status
  • Weekly Data Quality Action Items & Status

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