Channel & Patient Data Consulting

Better Visibility Means Better Market Access

“Having a solution that brings together all of our channel and specialty pharmacy data and feeds our data warehouse is essential for our future success.”

Director | Specialty Data Management & Analytics

Pharma manufacturers struggle with accurately assessing their gross-to-net accruals when they do not have access to the best type of downstream inventory roll forward.

By reporting on weekly builds and burns in downstream inventory, manufacturers can more accurately assess their gross to net accruals and proactively adjust reserves so they can more reliably land on the budget numbers.

IntegriChain is able to leverage manufacturers enriched 867 and EXF data sets to perform a downstream inventory analysis. By using this data set accompanied by Symphony Health’s non-projected TRx data, manufacturers are positioned to have an accurate inventory roll-forward and better able to answer questions such as:

  • How are other companies contracting?
  • How do sales vary by point of care?
  • What are the most common gross-to-net line items?
  • How do sales in this category vary by class-of-trade (COT)?
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Specialty Pharma Manufacturer

The Manufacturer/Specialty Pharmacy relationship is a vital part of delivering life-saving medications and therapies to critically ill patients. Unfortunately, many manufacturers continue to struggle with:

  • Tracking data quality metrics such as timeliness, accuracy, completeness, and calculating potential fees/penalties
  • Preparing for and executing high-quality quarterly business reviews with each contracted specialty pharmacy (SP)
  • Developing and maintaining profiles, insights, and benchmarks for individual SP

IntegriChain’s Channel & Patient Data Consulting specializes in the following key areas:

  • Channel Inventory Visibility
    Leveraging manufacturers enriched 867 and ex-factory data sets to perform a downstream inventory analysis and deliver an accurate inventory roll-forward.
  • Specialty Pharmacy Engagement
    More productive engagement with Specialty Pharmacies through Quarterly Business Review (QBR) support, SP Payment Calculations, and SP Data Best Practices
  • Advanced Patient Analytics
    Identify, resolve and predict possible roadblocks to initiation and adherence with Hub Scorecarding, Patient Conversions, and Patient Intervention

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Case Study

Solving the Inventory Visibility and Channel Data Challenge

This case study focuses on a pharmaceutical manufacturer who, despite using an established third-party logistics (3PL) provider, was struggling with both inconsistent channel data as well as the lack of visibility into downstream inventory.

Download the case study

Case study

Improving Access to Rare Disease Therapy through Better Patient Data

This case study highlights how IntegriChain delivered payer data solutions to help the manufacturer identify and resolve obstacles to patient access. As their market access needs evolved to contracting, channel, and gross-to-net, IntegriChain had the optimal solution.

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