State Price Transparency Reporting

Your Trusted Partner for Navigating the Patchwork of State Regulations

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers struggle to stay on top of State Price Transparency legislation. IntegriChain operational consulting provides the expertise to keep manufacturers compliant and informed with pharma transparency reporting services.

Achieve Operational Readiness and Reduce Compliance Risk

State Price Transparency legislation is an initiative by state agencies to increase public awareness around the Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) pricing for pharmaceutical drugs in the US. The main goal is to increase transparency and promote affordability in the pharmaceutical industry. The state agencies aim to provide consumers and healthcare providers with more information about the prices of prescription drugs.

The scope of what manufacturers must be aware of and report on has never been larger and more complicated which certainly doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Manufacturers need to have a baseline understanding and be aware of which states have regulations, what they should be considering for certain scenarios, and considerations for actions like price increases and drug launches. Staying compliant requires a lot of detailed knowledge to stay proactive and be compliant with the states.

Achieve Operational Readiness with State Price Transparency Reporting

State Price Transparency Reporting Challenges:

  • Complexity of reporting requirements
  • Data collection and management
  • Timing and deadlines
  • Legal and financial risks

IntegriChain’s State Price Transparency Reporting Services Include:

Pricing Transparency Procedure Tracker

A state-by-state procedure tracker that addresses when and how to stay compliant with each state’s unique laws and regulations.

Price Increase Calculator

A calculator to analyze past and future pricing actions showing when reports are due based on each individual state threshold.

Registration and Reporting Services

Register with state portals and establish pharma transparency reporting templates. IntegriChain can also submit reports on behalf of the manufacturer where allowed by states.

Ongoing Monitoring Services

The operational consulting team will proactively monitor State Price Transparency legislation to provide ongoing updates, reporting, and strategic support related to compliance with applicable pricing transparency laws since states do adjust reporting expectations over time.

State Agency Communications

Since many bills have vague language, being able to confirm unique contracting or manufacturing scenarios directly with state agencies can save organizations time, trouble, and headcount.

Communication and Training

Personalized training sessions can be setup to review everything from the basic requirements of State Price Transparency to in depth reviews of specific regulations and reporting requirements.

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