Pharma Distribution Contract Management

Proactively manage distributor agreements and payments via an automated, auditable application.

Pharmaceutical distribution contract management software is designed to easily automate large portfolios and complex distribution networks within process automation, intuitive portal access, and integration to both ERP and GP systems.

Manage All Aspects of Distribution Agreements

ICyte Distribution Contract Management (DCM) is a SaaS-based, market-proven application for managing all aspects of distribution service (DSA) and fee-for-service (FFS) agreements. ICyte Distribution Contract Management software combines configurable contract lifecycle management, metric calculation, scorecarding, waivers/override logging, and credit request workflow to enable true end-to-end management of DSA payments. Benefits include:

Improve Pre-Deal Contract Modeling

Run a pre-deal simulation of proposed metrics and terms to facilitate contract negotiations and predict contract profitability.

Manage Complex Performance Agreements

Support monthly and quarterly scorecard processing with an unlimited number of metrics. Take advantage of flexible, multi-tier design to model both simple and complex metric qualifiers.

Aggregate Distributor Payments

Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of scorecard history to provide visibility to incremental contractual changes over time.

Data-driven, Proactive Collaboration

Generate a customer-ready scorecard report of all performance metrics and payments at a summary dashboard and metric levels views. Identify falling service levels in real-time and partner with customers to troubleshoot supply issues proactively to reduce total pipeline inventory.

Improve Distribution Planning and Analysis

Integrate scorecard data into business intelligence for payment reporting, analytics, and trending across distributors and product groups.

Avoid Mistakes in Payment Calculations

Lower the risk of scorecard calculation errors by eliminating manual work in overly complex spreadsheets.

Manage Payments and Accruals

Run weekly customer forecasts reports, process monthly fee-for-service accruals, and send monthly price appreciation reports to wholesalers.

Improve Financial Close Cycles

Leverage automation and workflow to streamline appeals and approvals and reduce payment review and financial close cycle. 

Robust, Enterprise-Grade Pharma Contract Management

With ICyte Distribution Contract Management, pharmaceutical manufacturers can automate processing for agreements with pay-for-performance DSA terms. ICyte Distribution Contract Management also supports pre-deal simulation of proposed metrics and contract templates for negotiations. The built-in, out-of-the-box library contains configurable contracts and metrics including:

  • Inventory and Service levels 
  • Base Fees 
  • Price Appreciation 
  • National Distribution 
  • Data Accuracy 
  • Data Timeliness 
  • Data Completion 
  • Re-distribution
ICyte Enterprise Contract Management Pharmacetuical Software
Pharma Distribution Contract Management (DCM) Scorecard

Contract and Distribution Scorecarding

ICyte Distribution Contract Management is highly configurable and auditable and supports most industry standard metrics out of the box. Scorecarding simplifies the management of distributor performance by:

  • Generating pharma industry-standard scorecards on-demand or via schedule
  • Providing professional, company-branded scorecard output
  • Allowing invoice level, scorecard, or contract-wide waivers and performance exceptions
  • Enabling easy download and sharing via Excel or PDF

Leveraging enriched channel datasets and analytics, ICyte Distribution Contract Management helps trade and distribution teams to:

  • Increase trade and channel operations efficiency
  • Reduce mistakes caused by poor data quality and manual processes
  • Facilitate proactive distributor communications
  • Limit compliance and financial risks associated with price speculation, diversion, and poor demand visibility

Powerful Automation, Easy Administration

Trade and distribution teams can easily manage even the largest and most complex distribution networks using the ICyte Distribution Contract Management’s robust automation and integration capabilities, including:

  • Integration with email notifications, approvals, and workflow status tracking
  • Output granular level transactional data for government price (GP) reporting
  • Payment processing workflow
  • Mass update capabilities, including allocations and back orders
  • Bi-directional interface with ERP systems for credit requests and issuance of credit memos
  • Partner appeal capabilities and adjustments
Enriched Pharma Channel Datasets

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