ICyte Platform

IntegriChain’s ICyte Platform is the industry’s first data, analytics, and business process platform built specifically for Market Access.

Life Sciences manufacturers of all size and complexity rely on the ICyte Platform for Market Access and commercialization with its world-class channel and patient data aggregation and stewardship, the largest offering of contracts and pricing managed services to stand up their business infrastructure, gross-to-net forecasting and accrual systems, and expert launch and pricing transparency advisory.

Together, this combination enables Life Sciences companies to quickly transform patient, payer, and channel data and complex transactions into actionable insight.

There are three main components of the ICyte platform: ICyte Applications, ICyte Analytics, and ICyte Data Refinery, which are supported by Governance and Cloud Infrastructure capabilities.


Key Platform Capabilities

ICyte Analytics

ICyte supports analytics-as-a-service, which allows common models and metrics to be deployed as a centralized service across applications, data, and analytics uses. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are built into the platform as are more advanced analytics such as forecasting and scenario modeling as well as a machine-learning-powered recommendation engine.

Unlike most enterprise systems, the ICyte Platform makes it easy to access information. The interface provides a consistent way to visualize, extract, and integrate data into existing workflows. From pre-built reports and dashboards to on-demand data exports, market access teams will find it easy to get the data they need, when they need it. The platform also has a robust API that enables use of existing business intelligence (BI) tools, if desired.

icyte analytics

ICyte Data Refinery

Data Acquisition

The ICyte Platform supports multiple data acquisition technologies to onboard data securely. In addition to supporting all IntegriChain applications, ICyte’s data acquisition technologies make raw data actionable via direct, electronic data interchange (EDI), remote process automation (RPA), optical character recognition (OCR), and other data acquisition techniques. Our pre-built connectors and application programming interfaces (APIs) enable automation and reliable integration of data from third-party systems.

Comprehensive Data Sets

ICyte utilizes a wide array of data sets including:

Direct Sales & Channel Data

  • Chargebacks
  • Rebates
  • EDI 867, 852, 844, and 849 transaction data

Payer Data

  • Invoices
  • Contracts Rebates
  • Discounts Fees

Patient Data

  • Rx claims
  • Dispense data
  • Patient status data
  • Reimbursements
  • Patient assistance data

Data Integrity

Built into the ICyte Platform is data standardization and master data practices that ensure the quality of data in all IntegriChain products. The common repository supports a unified Market Access data model—an enterprise-class master data management (MDM) framework for products, customers, pricing, and more—and powers all IntegriChain applications, data, and analytics offerings. The repository supports data audit and lineage as well as a robust data lifecycle management process.


The ICyte Platform features an orchestration layer that defines and automates data and business processes with sufficient provisions for process governance and benchmarking by leveraging services for job management, business rules management, workflow automation, and workload management.

Operational Benefits

Moving to the ICyte Platform for all common Market Access needs provides a wealth of operational benefits including:

Hassle-free Integration.

The ICyte Platform easily integrates with leading revenue management applications, CRMs, ERPs, and third-party sources, and datasets.

Seamless Interoperability with IntegriChain Products.

The common architecture also means IntegriChain applications will integrate seamlessly with each other, regardless of when they’re purchased, and provide a standard way to publish data to enterprise/commercial data warehouses.

Investment Protection.

The ICyte Platform is specifically designed to service Market Access functions. It co-exists with existing IT investments and infrastructure across CRM, ERP, data warehouse, and analytics systems.

Reduced Risk.

The ICyte Platform is built with inherent security and scalability considerations. It is SOC 2 compliant and is hosted on AWS, leveraging proven and modern technology foundations to serve customers. All access to data is through secure protocols and encrypted in our services with the latest standards.

Reduced Cost.

Manufacturers realize lower costs due to reducing vendor mix, reducing contracting complexity, and eliminating duplicate services.



All of IntegriChain’s products and services built on the ICyte Platform have a common configuration backbone. This not only accelerates time-to-value for our customers but also enables application interaction through shared metadata about the business processes such as governance, access control, and change management); metrics; and data objects.

cloud infrastructure

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Infrastructure

The ICyte Platform was developed with the largest and most dynamic manufacturers in mind. Underneath, it is a fully-hosted SOC 2 certified cloud platform designed on a scalable, high-availability architecture and market-proven open source technologies. The platform also provides secure access and stores along with well-developed and documented backup/disaster recovery capabilities.

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