ICyte Platform: Pharma Market Access Software

A Clear Line of Sight into Commercialization and Access

Building Pharma’s Only Data-Driven Commercialization Platform – from Strategy to Operational Execution

Now that we have a clear view of price contracts, sales, chargebacks, rebates and inventory analytic deliverables, we have a 50% reduction in our overall cross-functional efforts related to GTN accrual management and forecasting. ”

ICyte integrates the four net revenue workflows, including Channel, Patient, Contracts & Pricing, and Gross-to-Net (GTN) in one pharma market access data and application suite. These four workflows are tightly linked; the inputs to one are the outputs from another. With this data and application integration, our market access software enables IntegriChain to uniquely connect the commercial, financial, and operational dimensions of drug access and profitability. Discover more by clicking each section below.

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Commercial Benefits of Using Market Access Data in Pharma

With ICyte, pharmaceutical and biotech organizations improve market access by quickly transforming patient, payer, complex transaction, and channel data into actionable insights. Contract & Pricing teams can manage regulatory processes, risks, delays, compliance issues and revenue leakage.

Commercial and market access leaders can align on optimal channel design, using syndicated data to capture how the product is distributed to points of care. Our pharma market access software provides:

  • Data driven analytics and transaction level data shared during coaching sessions with SPs help resolve these challenges
  • Market leading patient matching approach of leveraging configurable probabilistic matching, third-party reference data through Verato, and use of contextual information accomplish better patient matching.
  • Differentiated data quality management approach, cross-functional team, and system platform can enable the following use cases:
    • Line-level rebate adjudication for specialty medicines 
    • Adjudication of adherence-based (value-based) payer contracts 
    • Pre-deal modeling of potential new payer and provider contracting strategies 
    • Filling in data gaps in the gross-to-net accrual management process
Pharma Professional Using Market Access Data
Financial Benefits of Using Pharma Market Access Software

Financial Benefits of Pharma Market Access Software

Optimizing the net revenue-patient access equation is top-of-mind to all financial executives, regardless of the size or complexity of their company.

The key to achieving an accurate, transparent, and audit-ready gross-to-net (GTN) forecast is to have reliable, trusted inputs that cover all facets of commercialization including:

  • Rebates
  • Discounts
  • Co-pay Programs
  • Chargebacks
  • Admin Fees
  • And other sales-related adjustments

For most pharmaceutical organizations, this data exists in different systems, in different formats, and with different degrees of access. The ICyte Platform changes all of this. By building a commercialization strategy on market access software, all of the required GTN inputs are stored, mastered, and curated in a common manner on the same platform.

Accurate & Automated GTN Processes

Discover the path to more accurate, automated GTN processes with ICyte’s:

  • ICyte Data Mart with Patient, Channel, Contracts & Pricing
  • Methodology Library
  • Automated Data Cleansing & Adjustments
  • Scalability & Auditability

Forecasting & Analytics

Discover how ICyte’s integrated data and analytics capabilities can deliver superior financial insights including:

  • Payer Mix and Returns Analog Benchmarks
  • Commercial Contracting and Government Regulation Expertise
  • GTN What-if Analytics
  • Revenue Analytics Collaborative Industry Practices & Insights

Superior Financial Insights

Operational Benefits of the ICyte Platform

Pharmaceutical companies that use ICyte for their market access needs see a wealth of operational benefits including:

  • Hassle-free Integration with their existing infrastructure including current data sets as well as revenue management, CRM, ERP, Data Warehouse, and Enterprise BI applications.
  • Seamless Interoperability with IntegriChain Products regardless of when they’re purchased, and provide a standard way to publish data to enterprise/commercial data warehouses.
  • Investment Protection specifically designed to service market access functions. It co-exists with existing IT investments and infrastructure across CRM, ERP, data warehouse, and analytics systems.
  • Reduced Risk built with inherent security and scalability considerations. It is SOC 2 compliant and is hosted on AWS, leveraging proven and modern technology foundations to serve customers. All access to data is through secure protocols and encrypted in our services with the latest standards.
  • Maximize Value in order for pharmaceutical organizations to realize lower costs due to reduced vendor mix, less contracting complexity, and elimination of duplicate services.
Operational Benefits of the ICyte Platform

ICyte Platform Features

ICyte Capabilites

Out-of-the Box Visualizations

Best practice data visualizations and analytics dashboards for hundreds of use cases across operational support, forecasting, national account management, order to cash, and field sales

Analytics Power User Tools

User-friendly report and dashboard builder seats for customer power users

Forecasting & Analytics

Data Warehouse and CRM Integration

Framework for rapid development and ongoing management of data interfaces with customer data warehouses and CRM platforms.

Extract Framework

Standard extract framework enables both Productized and Custom extracts to be developed, scheduled, and deployed quickly.

Patient Level Data Integration

Modular tokenization approach enables the integration of patient-level data with third-party data providers.

ICyte Platform Insights

Forecasting & Analytics

Data Arrival and Profiling

Monitoring of incoming data and alerting for data timeliness issues. Profiling of incoming data feeds to ensure completeness and accuracy.

Configurable, Automated Data Quality Checks

Easily configurable data quality checks to align with Data Provider File Interface and Contractual Agreements.

Data Quality Stewardship

A team of Data Quality Analysts monitor for Data Quality issues; investigating the issue, performing outreach to the data provider, and ensuring a timely resolution.

ICyte Customer & Pricing Master

ICyte PHI Vault

Standardized Data Interfaces

Reusable data interfaces with over 500 PBMs, states, 3PLs, distributors, pharmacies, and patient service providers

Flexible Input Layouts

Ability to ingest and map a variety of input formats and data types.

PHI Vault

HIPAA Compliant and highly secure environment for ingestion and storage of protected health information (PHI) and personal identifiable information (PII)

Forecasting & Analytics

Customer Mastering

Integration of all transaction data to a proprietary reference database of US healthcare organizations, sites of care, business structures, and classes of trade

Patient Mastering

Best in-class probabilistic Patient Matching to meet the needs of your network. Able to handle both Identifiable and Tokenized Patient Data.

Mastering Stewardship

Master Data Stewards review individual cases of potential False Negatives and False Positives and remediate these discrepancies in the system on a daily basis.

ICyte Data Management

ICyte Technology Ecosystem

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