Contracts & Pricing Consulting

Ensure Pharma Contracts & Pricing Best Practices

“It is increasingly difficult to keep track of all the changes and regulations around government price calculations, state price reporting, and rebate processes as well as innovations such as value-based contracting. IntegriChain gives us the market insight we need to understand best practices and what we need to change and by when.”

Vice President | Contracts & Pricing

With help from IntegriChain’s pharmaceutical pricing consultants, finance, contract management, pricing, and operational teams can ensure they have optimal pharma contracting strategies in place and understand the impact on both compliance and net-price.

IntegriChain’s breadth and experience makes it the largest provider of contracts and pricing business processing services in the pharmaceutical industry. Built for scaling up pharmaceutical operations, our pharma consulting group can successfully manage more than triple the number of customers as the next leading vendor.

130+ Government Pricing Customers

100+ Managed Care Customers

140+ Medicaid Customers

IntegriChain’s pharmaceutical contracts & pricing consulting covers:


  • Bona Fide Service Fees/Fair Market Value (BFSF/FMV)
  • GP Assessments
  • GP Policy/Procedure Development
  • FSS Renewals + Solicitations
  • State Price Transparency Reporting (SPTR)

Forecasting & Analytics

  • Pre-Deal (w/ Redlining Retainer)
  • ASP/Cost-Recovery Forecasting
  • Regulatory Impact Modeling
  • Medicaid + Managed Care Data Analytics
  • Branded Pharma Fee Validation/Forecasting

Business Planning

  • Due Diligence Support
  • Payer Landscape

The Nuance and Necessity of Timely State Price Transparency Reporting

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State Price Transparency Reporting

Achieve operational excellence and reduce compliance risk around state price transparency.

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Improving Medicaid Rebate Processing Accuracy Using Claim-level Detail (CLD) Validation

By adding CLD to the Medicaid rebate adjudication process, manufacturers can easily identify and resolve revenue leakage, allowing for more accurate payments and accruals.

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