Roadmap to Launch

Blueprint for a Successful Pharma Launch Strategy Across Product Archetypes, Therapeutic Categories & Complexity

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers struggle to evaluate and implement a series of pricing and contracting decisions leading up to their first commercial launch. IntegriChain has market-tested blueprints for commercial, government/compliance, and gross-to-net launches.

Navigating the Payer Landscape

Our flexible deal analytics framework and methodology around payer pre-deal analysis can assist pharma manufacturers in evaluating pricing and contracting strategies for pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and other payers in the lead up to launch, as outlined below.

Discovery Step of a Pharma Launch Plan
Model Development & Configuration Step of a Pharma Launch Plan
Ongoing Support from IntegriChain

To address the challenges in pharma launch strategies, IntegriChain’s Commercial Roadmap to Launch provides a series of analytical and operational services including:

  • Payer deal modeling (for pharmacy benefit drugs)
  • ASP / cost recovery forecasting (medical benefit / buy and bill drugs)
  • Contract redlining support
  • Pricing committee governance
  • Pricing compendia support
Government Program Participation for Pharma Manufacturers

Pre-commercial pharma manufacturers need to prepare for participation in key government programs to ensure they have access to these critical channels for their upcoming product launch, and are ready to comply with all price reporting requirements.

To address these challenges, IntegriChain’s Government & Compliance Roadmap to Launch includes the following services:

  • Government Programs Blueprint
  • Government Pricing Policies and Methodology Documents
  • Completed MDRP, 340B and other agreements
  • SOPs for Relevant Processes
  • FSS Databank and Solicitation documents
  • Coverage Gap Agreement and/or P-number Piggybacking

Finance leaders within pre-commercial pharma manufacturers often worry about their ability to close their financial statements “Month One” and/or the first quarter after launch, due to lack of resources or time to define and build a trusted, efficient, and audit-ready gross-to-net (GTN) process.

To address these challenges, IntegriChain’s Gross-to-Net Roadmap to Launch includes the following services:

  • Business Flow Documentation
  • GTN Line-Item Forecast
  • Solution Fit Analysis
  • Channel/Payer Mix Calculator
  • ‘What If’ Scenario Modeling and Reporting
  • Copay and Coverage Gap Funnel Models
Gross to Net Forecast Modeling

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Let’s Build a Pharma Launch Plan

Case Study

Commercial Stakeholder Mapping – Blueprinting for Success

A top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturer was preparing to launch a complex oncology combination regimen with two novel agents but was faced with several unique commercial challenges.

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Commercial Roadmap to Launch

Learn more about IntegriChain’s comprehensive Commercial Roadmap to Launch Program for both emerging and established companies preparing for product launch

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