Contracts & Pricing Excellence

Contracts & Pricing Excellence

Accelerated Pharmaceutical Contracting for Market Access Excellence

IntegriChain has been instrumental in helping us navigate government programs. We thought we were on the right program path, but with the new CMS final rule, IntegriChain helped us quickly shift our strategy.

Government Reporting and Revenue Manager

Agile Pricing and Contracting Strategies for an Ever-Changing Industry

While contracts play a major role in nearly every aspect of drug commercialization, many manufacturers often lack efficient processes to interpret, create, and manage contracts, navigate new regulations, and comply with all local, county, state, and federal laws. Manufacturers who rely on piecemeal processes leave themselves vulnerable to increased risk, delays, compliance violations, and revenue leakage.

Successful pharmaceutical manufacturers can achieve contracting excellence by choosing a partner that can manage regulatory process and compliance standards across government price, rebate, and chargeback management that can easily be maintained and adhere to growing demand.

accelerate pharmaceutical contracting

  • experienced

    Experienced GP Analysts with network of attorneys, auditors and risk advisors.

  • scrub

    Scrub and Unify Transaction Data to IntegriChain Point of Care Outlet and Class of Trade Master.

  • pre-deal

    Government Pre-Deal Analysis and Contract Document Creation

  • best practices

    Best-Practice Methodology and configuration by price type and contract

  • calculate

    Calculate & Validate all Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Prices

  • audit trail

    Audit Trail explaining final prices, interim results and calculation methodologies.

  • proven expertise

    Expertise and proven methodology for over 200 manufacturers

  • 340b

    Communicates 340B & FSS Prices to Wholesalers, Distributors and 3PL

More than 200 manufacturers rely on IntegriChain’s Managed Services for rebate adjudication and government pricing

Government Pricing

proactively manage drug rebates

Proactively Manage Drug Rebates

Rebates, originally created to better align the incentives of payers and providers, have now become an essential element of complex commercial and government access challenges. This complex rebate process makes it extremely difficult for manufacturers to focus their time and resources on business processes and managed market strategies.

As a trusted partner for government pricing as well as rebate processing, IntegriChain processes hundreds of thousands of claims for a wide range of common fees annually. With modules to support different rebate types,manufacturers can scale their payer analytics and contracting functions.

  • interpret

    Interpret Contract Language, Rebate schedules, Forrmulary Compliance and amendments

  • reconcile

    Reconcile Price Protection against actual contract language.

  • calculate

    Calculate Unit Rebate Amounts for Medicaid, SPAP, Tricare and Managed Career Commercial and Part D Contract

  • best validate

    Validate Claims for eligibility, 340B Pharmacy, duplication & aberrant quantities

  • manage-adjust

    Manage Adjustments, Disputes and Interest with Payers / States or TPA

  • generate

    Generate Payment Packages including Reports, ROSI, PQAS, etc.

  • coordinate

    Coordinate Payments, fund replenishment and bank reconciliation

  • experienced pmes

    Experienced SMEs provides consulting and advisors services

  • integration

    Integration Expertise and Proven Methodology

$3B+ Industry rebates processed through ICyte

Rebate Management Services

Eliminate Chargeback Overpayments

Chargebacks are a constant source of material business risk and revenue leakage. Because chargeback errors persist for a multitude of reasons, all pharmaceutical manufacturers that pay fees need a tool to verify contract compliance, otherwise they could be paying triple what they should.

eliminate chargebacks

Chargeback Data Reconciliation Services

  • Account and Class of Trade master data management
  • GPO membership maintenance
  • Government-program-eligible accounts (Big 4, OGA, and 340B)
  • Pricing Management
  • Contract Management
  • Contract Price notifications to authorized wholesalers and 3PLs
  • 844 EDI management (Chargeback Claims)
  • Chargeback data reconciliation

Chargeback Processing Services

  • Managing debt memos and lines
  • Validations and HDA error processing reconciliation
  • Resubmission processing
  • Chargeback reconciliation reporting and 849 integration
  • Generate chargeback payment request to ERP
  • Operational reporting
  • Wholesaler scorecards

IntegriChain’s Chargeback Data Management uncovers 10-15% gross margin erosion.

Chargeback Data Management


State Price Transparency: 2022 Legislative and Regulatory Overview

IntegriChain subject matter experts discuss the current status of drug pricing transparency laws that have been recently introduced and updated at the state level. Topics include disclosures themes, types of reports, and new reporting updates for nearly a dozen states.


Improving Revenue Leakage Through Better Medicaid Claims Validation

With a growing population of program participants, the amount of Claim Level Data (CLD) will continue to grow exponentially. Invoice level validations alone cannot bring to light all the potential disputes in the Medicaid data. Without a solid CLD strategy in place, manufacturers are prone to errors and significant revenue leakage.

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