Pharmaceutical Government Pricing

​​Manage the complexities of government pricing compliance in pharma

Whether you are a pharma manufacturer launching your first product or a seasoned manufacturer looking to move processing platforms or automate your government pricing program, our Government Pricing solutions can provide you with comprehensive services and confidence that set you up for success with your ongoing commercial and government obligations.

Pharma government pricing for operational excellence

IntegriChain is the leader in Government Pricing consulting and solutions, providing government program blueprinting and enrollment services, methodology and policy development, and configuration of all price types leading to ongoing calculations required for pricing compliance in the Medicaid, Medicare, Public Health Service (PHS), and Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) programs.

Benefits of IntegriChain’s government pricing solutions

Our pharma Government Pricing solution is expertly designed with robust data cleansing and standardization, automated data load processes, and auditable control reports covering all price calculation details. Benefits include:

  • Seasoned Government Pricing experts with a network of attorneys, auditors, and risk advisors to help meet compliance rules
  • Best Practice Methodology configurable by price type and contract
  • Validate incoming data for completeness, accuracy, and reconciliation to the general ledger
  • Calculate, validate, and submit all monthly, quarterly, and annual prices
  • Government Pre-Deal Analysis and document creation
  • Communicate 340B & FSS Prices to wholesalers, distributors and 3PL
Comprehensive Pharma Government Pricing Services

Government pricing program automation

Our comprehensive services automate the harmonization of transactional, domain and contract data and apply customer-approved price methodologies and in-line reporting for accurate and timely submission to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DOD)/DOD and other involved parties. All standard price types are available out of the box including AMP, BPi/BPa, URA, ASP, PHS, NFAMP and FCP.

Pharma pricing consultants

Our Government Pricing Experts provide industry-leading business consulting services for the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program (MDRP), 340B PHS, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part D Coverage Gap, and other Federal and State regulated programs. We offer insights on FSS Contracting including FSS Pricing, Contract Negotiation, Pre- and Post-Award Audits, and Contract Analysis. Whether you are a manufacturer launching your first product soon or a seasoned manufacturer looking to move processing platforms, our Operational Consulting group can provide you the comfort that all you are set up for success with your ongoing Commercial and Government obligations.

Expert Government Pricing for Pharmaceuticals

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May Market Update

Updates on US Territory Enrollment Updates, Puerto Rico Medicaid Drug Rebate Program Claims Administrator, TAA Compliance and its Relevance to FSS Agreements, and State Price Transparency Reporting Updates.

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Monitoring the Gross-To-Net Impacts of Price Increases

In a complex industry landscape, including recent IRA legislation, state price transparency laws, and aggressive pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) price protection language, taking a WAC price increase can have multiple impacts on a pharmaceutical manufacturer’s overall business, as well as their Gross-To-Net (GTN) processes.

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