Market Access Transformation

Market Access Transformation

Transform Your Market Access Strategy

Unite the historically siloed commercial, financial, and operational aspects of market access to unlock unprecedented operating efficiency, combined with insight into both brand performance and the patient experience.

The only way to ensure the success of our patients and the performance of our drug is to change the way we design, execute, and measure our market access strategy.”

Vice President | Market Access

Challenges Facing Market Access Strategy

There’s more innovation in disease treatment and prevention today than maybe at any time in human history. As life sciences continues to evolve to next-generation specialty and precision medicine, the technology supporting market access strategy and decision making has not kept pace.

Too often, manufacturers rely on legacy applications and siloed datasets to support individual access functions.

Challenges You or Your Team May Face

  • Linking together siloed data stored in revenue management systems, spreadsheet-bound finance processes, and data aggregators
  • Costly and low-value “data wrangling” driven by the diversity of required data, inconsistent data quality, and lack of common master data
  • Scarce resources due to Intense competition for knowledgeable market access staff driven by more companies commercializing drug

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Unleash the Power of Integrated Market Access

At IntegriChain, we understand that the most pressing market access challenges — such as improving the patient journey, contract performance management, and gross-to-net predictability — require insights from a wide range of contracting, channel, patient, financial, and pricing data. To overcome the traditional siloed operations of market access found in most manufacturers, IntegriChain has developed a truly unique approach to market access.

Our integrated approach to market access includes:

  • Purpose-built applications for core access-related processes including government pricing, rebate management, gross-to-net, and more
  • Analytics to accelerate the transformation of mountains of data into actionable insights
  • Data science-driven data ingestion, mastering, enrichment, and refinement engine to quickly and accurately process data and patient status data
  • Advisory services to ensure alignment with industry best-practices and benchmarks

A Better Market Access Strategy Means Better Patient Experience

Market access is designed to accelerate commercialization and get patients access to therapy faster. The function of market access is highly complex and impactful not only on the success of new innovative brands, but on the overall success of the manufacturer. 

Regardless of size and complexity, pharmaceutical manufacturers all pursue three core goals:

By using ICyte—the industry’s first truly integrated, purpose-built market access platform—manufacturers can eliminate data integration, data quality, and data wrangling issues. This allows for spending more time analyzing both brand performance and the efficiency of the patient journey.

The power for transforming drug commercialization comes from ICyte’s data unification capabilities. This platform eliminates the silos which have kept payer, channel, and patient data separate. By bringing them together under a common data schema and master data management, higher-value business processes can occur, for example:

  • Bringing together channel, dispense, and patient status update data to get a better view of the patient journey
  • Tapping into specialty pharmacy data to more accurately adjudicate managed care rebates
  • Clearly visualizing the impact of payer policy restrictions on specialty patients
  • Easier vetting of the performance of payer contracts and the payer’s compliance with contracted formulary position and policy restrictions


With the ICyte platform, pharmaceutical and biotech companies improve market access by quickly transforming patient, payer, complex transaction, and channel data into actionable insight.

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