Order Management

Order Management

Order Management’s Costly Risks

Increasingly Trade Operations and Customer Service organizations are seeking to leverage channel sales and demand data within the order management process to reduce costs, inefficiencies, and supply chain variability including:

  • Eliminating stock-outs and avoidable supply disruptions
  • Minimizing user errors and cycle time associated with manually checking orders against trade partner inventory positions, historical sales patterns, and agreed-upon sales plans
  • Controlling speculative inventory builds-and-burns and grey-market activities that lead to lost profits
  • Reducing financial risks of under or over-reserving accruals associated with channel sales such as returns and after sale rebates
integrichain order management

Optimize Your Channel Monitoring

IntegriChain Order Management offers real-time optimization of purchase orders against channel inventory and order quantity. With this application, Trade Operations teams can plan and manage customer orders in real time, embedding customer data in the order-to-cash process.

Cloud-Based Application for Channel Management that:

  • Provides a real-time, cloud solution for intercepting sales orders, validating order quantities, holding exceptions for review, and posting valid orders to the ERP system for order fulfillment in seconds
  • Integrates into existing ERP by leveraging standard 850 and 855 EDI transaction sets (and certified ERP adapters)
  • Applies user-defined business rules and configured thresholds for each trading partner that define the maximum inventory position for a specified frequency or metric
  • Allows users to review held orders and drill down to in-process contextual analytics that will aid in decision-making to reject, cut, or release the order

IntegriChain Order Management Benefits

Automate Order Management

Eliminate painful manual steps in the order management process by automating order comparisons against order forecasts and trade partner inventory positions and optimize SKU conversions.

Increase Service Levels for Volatile SKUs

Identify falling service levels in real time and partner with customers to troubleshoot supply issues proactively to reduce pipeline inventory.

Predict Stock Outs Before They Happen

Proactively identify distribution centers with low inventories and customers with orders too light for their forecast demand, as well as detect new trends faster.

Unlock Capital Tied Up in Inventory

Manage downstream inventory in the channel by tying order management decisions to trade partner inventory and withdrawal trends.

Optimize Allocations During Shortages

Determine how best to allocate limited warehouse inventories across customers, aligning the forecast to specific targets.

Reduce IT System Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Building Order Monitoring capabilities into expensive and rigid ERP platforms is often a multi-million dollar investment and ongoing maintenance task for life sciences suppliers. Implementing a cloud-based solution leveraging industry standard EDI transactions significantly reduces the time to value, implementation complexity, and regression testing associated with ERP upgrades.

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