Pharma Order Management

Optimize Channel Control & Compliance with Order Management

With ICyte’s order management system, pharmaceutical trade operations, customer service, and compliance teams can better integrate channel and demand data to simultaneously improve distribution contract compliance, mitigate risks associated with unusual orders, and reduce revenue leakage from downstream inventory speculation.

Channel Trends & Business Challenges for Pharma Manufacturers

Channel trends and business challenges for pharma manufacturers: 1) Order volume and volatility is a growing issue for manufacturers, 2) Wholesalers and specialty distributors are under financial pressure, and 3) Proposals such as H.R.3878 and more intensive DEA scrutiny of controlled substance orders
Pharma Order Management Cycle

Benefits of Pharma Order Management

  • Minimizes user errors and improves cycle time associated with manual validations
  • Controls speculative inventory builds-and-burns and gray-market activities that lead to lost profits
  • Reduces financial risks of under or over-reserving accruals associated with channel sales such as returns and after sale rebates
  • Avoids lengthy and costly ERP customizations and large enterprise IT projects

The ICyte order management system offers real-time control of purchase orders against user-configured business rules and an exceptions-based workflow for quickly investigating and resolving issues. Order management gives users the ability to hold questionable orders and drill down into contextual analysis that will improve decision-making.

ICyte Order Management Features

Embedded channel data and analytics at the order level to support decision making

  • Ordering history  
  • Order frequency and patterns 
  • Sales in vs. sales out trends  
  • Downstream purchasers trend 
  • Days on hand and service levels

User-configured business rules at various levels of detail and precision

  • Trade partners: all, specific trade partners, or specific DCs or locations
  • Products
  • Measurement: volumes, days on hand, dollars, etc.
  • Order types: standard orders vs. drop shipments
  • Periodicity: daily, weekly, monthly
  • Frequency
  • Thresholds: max volume, percentage, growth factors, etc.
  • Order splitting

Flexible deployment and ERP Integration options

  • Purchase orders sent to ICyte Order Management first, validated, and logged in ERP
  • Purchase orders sent to ERP, logged, and held; then sent to ICyte Order Management and validated

Audit trails and change logs to support compliance reviews

  • Configuration logging
  • Order and order line login

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