Systems Integration & Implementation

Connecting It All

IntegriChain provides the most comprehensive systems integration and implementation services for unifying all aspects of market access and revenue management, enabling greater operational efficiency, and improving line-of-sight into patient initiation and adherence.

Despite years of investment, many phama manufacturers still find themselves operating in silos:

  • Finance teams are trying to use their ERP systems to support gross-to-net processes
  • Government pricing and rebate management teams are focused on their revenue management systems
  • Market access, channel, and patient services teams are still trying to tie this all together with spreadsheets and emails.

Needless to say, this approach leads to significant operational inefficiencies, revenue leakage, sub-par financial performance, and ultimately, barriers to patient initiation and adherence

Exceptional Results

IntegriChain delivers the most comprehensive and scalable systems integration and implementation services in the industry, having helped hundreds of Life Sciences manufacturers–from emerging innovators to Big Pharma– unify their market access, contracting, and revenue management systems including Model N, Vistex, Agiloft, Apttus, and Chronicled. Our expertise and execution delivers:

  • Efficient, data-driven market access
  • Reduced revenue leakage
  • Deeper insight into product, patient, and payer performance
  • Better return on technology investment

Service Offerings

IntegriChain delivers scalable services that assist pharmaceutical manufacturers with implementation, upgrade, merger, and support of enterprise software systems. Our offerings cover the entire lifecycle from planning and assessments to implementation and optimization as well as ongoing support and maintenance.

The sooner you can integrate your data across commercial, financial and operational aspects of market access, the sooner you can power your business with the accurate, timely, and consolidated data required to make actionable decisions in an ever-changing industry.

Master Data Integration

Integrate data from third party platforms and vendors into an accurate, timely, and consolidated single source of truth to power precise analyses and make more informed business decisions.

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Advanced Patient Analytics

Market Access teams need access to reliable, consistent, and timely patient data in order to quickly identify potential access obstacles, ensure initiation and adherence, and maximize product performance. IntegriChain can turn mountains of questionable patient data into actionable insights for you and your trading partners.

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Patient Data Analytics
Reporting Dashboards

Reporting and Dashboards

Easily access data and insights across all ICyte channel, patient, contracts, pricing, and gross-to-net data and applications to easily create custom data-on-demand dashboards, reporting, and visualizations.

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