Achieving First-Time Drug Launch Success

Creating and Executing a Successful Drug Commercialization Process

“The idea of having a trusted partner was so important to us leading up to launch.”

Senior Vice President | Finance

Wrestling with Commercialization Planning

We know how much weighs on the minds of pre-commercial pharmaceutical manufacturers. Clinical trials, government agency meetings, regulatory approval, and achieving that elusive PDUFA data and approval. Even once you’re ready to define your commercialization strategy and prepare for launch, there’s all of the necessary planning lead time as well as numerous obstacles.

Insight into competitive market baskets trends around rebating, distribution, contracting, and patient support strategies

Understanding the role and economic position of payers, distributors, PBMs, and other ecosystem players

Building a credible, consensus forecast without historical data or industry benchmarks

Concern over how to ensure compliance given the every-changing regulatory landscape and policies

Creating a right-sized, data-driven process for tracking product launch success

Creating a trusted, audit-ready net-pricing model without deep, in-house gross-to-net experts

IntegriChain and Blue Fin Group can ensure your strategy is on point for your product archetype and therapeutic class.

Launch Readiness Timeline

Creating a Tailored Launch Strategy for your Unique Therapy

Successful pharmaceutical manufacturers create a sound drug launch strategy by choosing a partner that can outline and evolve strategy to market access execution, while maintaining agility to pivot along the path to commercialization. IntegriChain specializes in first-time drug launches and helps ensure an orderly preparation across critical business functions. Our ICyte platform combined with our advisory and strategy consulting services help solve these launch readiness challenges. 

200 + product launch experts, supported by market-tested, archetype-based launch roadmaps

Comprehensive market benchmark data to measure the effectiveness of payer mix and channel strategy 

Proven Commercial, Government, and Compliance, and Gross-to-Net Roadmap to Launch blueprints

Agile, flexible engagement coupled with “white-glove” care, and deep regulatory insights and expertise

Unified data, with pre-built connectors, offers a single source of truth

Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) teams, with 200 + members, work as an adjunct to your commercialization teams

Measure Operational Performance Day 1 with actionable data

Audit-ready, market-proven gross-to-net systems and processes provide insight into net-price and daily operational performance

Having supported more than 60% of pharmaceutical product launches in the US over the past three years, we understand the variables.

Drug Commercialization 101.


Commercialization Checklist

Based on our experience with more than 100 Chief Commercial Officers and CEOs, here are 10 ways to pressure-test the readiness of your commercialization strategies



Best Practices: Redesigning the Perfect Launch

We asked three market access leaders with significant launch experience across multiple therapeutic categories from companies planning to launch or have launched their first product several questions about their launch journey.

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