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Bringing Together Data, Technology, and Expertise to Solve Pharma’s Net Revenue Optimization Problem

As a leading pharma market access and commercialization organization, we are on a mission… to help pharmaceutical companies bring their science to market and achieve a sustainable balance between patient access and net revenue. We do this through a core set of values that guides our relentless focus on unifying all of the critical business functions for therapy commercialization and market access – contracts and pricing, gross-to-net, channel, and patient access – all working together to unlock strategic payer, provider, pharmacy, patient access, and financial insights for our Pharma customers.

The Pharmaceutical Industry at a Crossroads

The average Pharma company pays more than 40% of its gross revenue in rebates, distribution fees, and direct patient support. Some emerging pharmaceutical companies, depending on the product, pay 50% or more. And thus, the margin for error with new launches has never been smaller.

From setting strategy to managing operations upon launch, getting net revenue right is as critical as access to commercial success. In addition to the need for every launch to be a success, established Pharma companies wrestle with trying to “right-size” the quarter trillion dollars in annual spending on rebates, discounts, fees, and patient services investments. Unfortunately, commercialization teams face considerable challenges in trying to adopt efficient and effective commercialization strategies including the rising cost of drug commercialization, operational inefficiencies, inadequate controls, and increasing financial risk.

Our pharma market access company empowers commercialization teams to overcome considerable challenges in trying to adopt efficient and effective commercialization strategies. To address issues such as the rising costs of drug commercialization, operational inefficiencies, inadequate controls, and increasing financial risks, we provide a comprehensive solution to streamline and optimize the entire commercialization process.

Grounded in Data-Driven Commercialization

Back in 2006, we pioneered channel data aggregation for market access teams, and over time we have continually expanded our capabilities – all with the focus on improving both patient access and net revenue realization. Over time, we have greatly evolved as the Pharma industry has faced new challenges. Today, our ICyte Platform is the industry’s only data and application platform specifically designed for net revenue optimization. This has enabled us to accomplish an industry first –unifying the four pillars that drive net revenue: contracts and pricing, channel, patient access, and the financial planning of gross-to-net itself.

The combination of our expertise, our vast trove of data and analytics, and our ICyte Platform forms the foundation to deliver critical visibility into drug availability, the patient journey, market access, and financial performance. In turn, this visibility gives Pharma commercialization teams the foundation to control, measure, and analyze all aspects of their commercialization strategy – from channel design to payer contracting and patient service program efficacy. The combination of visibility and control yields the ultimate goal: the ability to optimize commercialization and access investments against the need for sustainable net price realization.

Our Vision

“IntegriChain maintains a laser-like focus on helping patients get and stay on therapies they need. We do this with our relentless, customer-centric focus and innovation that enables pharmaceutical companies to balance their financial and patient access goals.”

Josh Halpern
Co-Founder and CEO

Trusted by World-Class Pharma Innovators of all Sizes

The combination of our scale and scope enables us to help shape how pharmaceutical companies bring their therapies to market.

IntegriChain’s Market Impact


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We are passionate about our customers’ mission – improving the lives of patients – and view it as our own. Today, our global organization is uniquely positioned to address critical therapy access challenges throughout the drug commercialization life cycle. We ensure that patients have access to their life-saving and life-changing medicines as needed,while manufacturers can achieve a sustainable financial return capable of supporting future research and development.

We are a collective force of tech innovators and problem solvers with a laser focus on helping patients start therapy faster and stay on therapy longer. Learn more about careers at IntegriChain.

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