Commercialization Data Migrations

Confidently Migrate from Legacy Pharma Revenue Management Systems to ICyte

Pharma manufacturers increasingly find their commercialization strategies are being constrained by their legacy pharmaceutical revenue management systems. As a result, many have turned to ICyte, IntegriChain’s purpose-built platform for drug commercialization.

The Data Migration Process for Pharma Companies

IntegriChain has experts in-house with years of hands-on experience in a broad range of revenue management, contracting, and channel management systems. We have developed a proven, documented process for pharma companies to ensure a low-risk and validated migration to the ICyte Platform.

Pharmaceutical Data Migration Diagram: Migrating from the Legacy Platform to the ICyte Platform

Successfully migrated 30+ pharmaceutical companies to the ICyte Platform.

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Data Migration Cloud for Pharma Companies

Specialty in Pharma Data Migration

IntegriChain knows that the easiest way to move to and adopt a new operating platform is when it contains your operational and even historical data. To enable you to hit the ground running, our Solutions Delivery team has developed a data migration approach that focuses on several key disciplines:

  • Historical Data. Provide full retention of historical transaction, master, and pricing data, if required. 
  • Validated Data. Ensure proper migration by leveraging automation to validate data prior to loading into ICyte. 
  • Seamless Process. Process is designed for minimal disruption in processing and downtime for migration. 
  • Full Transparency. Complete transparency and feedback on migration status, data issues, and resolutions. 
  • Proven Process. Proven and repeatable process of migrating data with customers of all size and complexity.

Key Differentiators

In addition to our market-tested migration methodology, IntegriChain delivers a unique combination of people, processes, and technology to ensure zero downtime and migration of key operational and historical data.

Proven Migration Team

A dedicated team versed in all aspects of the process reduces risk and ensures a successful outcome. IntegriChain’s BPaaS teams are also involved in project activities to verify customer requirements.

Project Accelerators

With decades of experience, IntegriChain has developed automated processes to migrate and validate historical data that speed time-to-value while also reducing the impact of poor-quality data.

Proven Project Methodologies

Our services team has libraries of proven migration methodologies that provide repeatable, predictable results and successful delivery. We also offer our gated system validation approach to ensure accurate results along the migration journey.

Project Management Experts

Our team of project managers provides accurate, transparent oversight across all facets of the project. With support from product management and other subject matter experts, our project managers ensure clear roles, responsibilities, accountability, and on-time, on-budget delivery.

Data Migration Support

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Case Study

Big Pharma Conversion from Legacy Revenue Management to Innovative ICyte SaaS Platform

This case study highlights how IntegriChain delivered their innovative ICyte Saas Platform to help the manufacturer identify and resolve obstacles.

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Entering the New Era of Data-Driven Commercialization​

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Josh Halpern reviews key industry trends impacting product commercialization and access, including the shift to true data-driven commercialization.

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