Gross-to-Net Forecasting

Precisely and Confidently Forecast Your Gross-to-Net (GTN) Accruals and Net Prices

Our industry-leading GTN suite and consulting services improve your pharmaceutical forecast accuracy, modeling, and financial close efficiency, enabling greater visibility, control, and optimization of net revenue.

Forecasting in the Pharmaceutical Industry

With ICyte, pharmaceutical finance and market access teams can build, maintain, and support financial models that can accurately forecast net revenue by payer and channeland effectively avoid the most common challenges:

  • Inaccuracy of pricing, discount, copay, inventory, and returns data
  • Forecasting models lacking a clear, documented, and audit-ready methodology
  • Fragile, error-prone spreadsheet models which lack effective version control
  • Difficulty in hiring and retaining GTN talent

Our industry-leading GTN forecasting software enables manufacturers to better estimate the actual revenue, better manage inventory levels and avoid overstocking or understocking products, negotiate with payers more effectively and avoid overcommitting to discounts, and make faster and more data-driven pricing decisions. Offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS), and hybrid operating models, our solutions enable you to achieve full visibility and traceability to historical inputs, forecasts, modeling scenarios, underlying assumptions, and transactions.

High-Performance Design and Capabilities

Our industry-standard forecasting methodologies in pharmaceutical manufacturing are configured for each liability line item with the ability to execute multiple scenario analyses for forecasts along with functionality to compare scenarios, including:

  • Forecast methodology library for each GTN line
  • Contract/mandated rate repository
  • URA, BP, ASP, Tricare calculator
  • Supports scenario modeling
  • Variance analysis and preconfigured reports and dashboards
Upward Trend of Pharmaceutical Forecasting Performance
Client Using Pharmaceutical Forecasting Software

Business Benefits Realized

  • Quicker Forecast Cycle & Insights. Forecast in fewer days by reducing and eliminating manual data collection & calculations 
  • Assumption and Scenario Support. Built-in auditability, traceability, and scalability reduces forecast prep time by up to 50%. 
  • More Secure Environment. Strong access, privacy, and security controls ensures ability to easily create and track endless amounts of forecast scenarios and variance analyses, 
  • More Accurate Forecast. Bottoms-up, transparent forecasts with easy audit trail and access to supporting data and assumptions drive detailed forecasts for utilization and rate to derive an accurate GTN prediction. 
  • Deeper Insights and Decision Support. Advanced analytics and data visualization provide improved decision-making regarding brand-level profitability, price/volume analysis, and “what-if” scenario and price-change modeling. 
  • ‘Real-time’ Reporting. Partnership, brand, and product family-level reporting is available at your fingertips. 

Part of the Larger GTN Solution

IntegriChain’s GTN Forecasting is part of our broader GTN solution that delivers on four distinct types of capabilities:

Gtn Accrual Box Diagram: 1) Automation & Digitalization 2) Implementation Blueprint 3) Data-Driven Insights 4) People & Process

IntegriChain’s pharmaceutical software delivers on all of these including:

  • Integrated Data Mart
  • Methodology Library
  • Automated Data Cleansing
  • Scalability & Auditability
  • Payer Mix and Returns Analog Benchmarks
  • Commercial Contracting and Government Regulation Expertise
  • GTN What-if Analytics
  • Sales/Demand/Inventory Harmonization
  • SOC Certified Processes and Controls
  • Project Accelerators
  • Customer and Auditor Training

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