Gross-to-Net Analytics

Achieve greater insight and predictability to drive decision-making.

GTN Analytics allows reporting, visualizations, and exports to your entire pharmaceutical market access, finance, and executive team–keeping everyone informed with near real-time access to your data that can improve visibility, efficiency, and company-wide collaboration.

Benefits of Gross-to-Net Analytics

With most managerial teams requesting “big picture” insight into their pharma market access strategy, GTN Analytics allows teams to streamline their reporting and analysis process by uniquely integrating financial data with channel and patient data, including national demand, third-party logistics, specialty pharmacy, specialty distribution, and rebate data.

Finance Team Benefits:

  • Forecasting revenue and liabilities so that financial statements and metrics are accurate and timely
  • Informing the CFO of the state of gross-to-net when preparing for earnings calls
  • Providing feedback to commercial business on effectiveness of contracts/pricing

Market Access Team Benefits:

  • Analyzing how contracts are impacting product utilization across trade/channels, payers, and gross-to-net
  • Identifying how shifts between distribution channels and indirect programs impact overall profitability
Gross to Net Forecast Modeling Using Gross-to-Net Analysis

Gross-to-Net Reporting Capabilities

Gross-to-Net Analytics Chart #1: GTN Forecase Accrual $ Analysis by Category Federal Chargeback at Company Level

Query Reporting

IntegriChain’s GTN Analytics comes with numerous pre-defined reports but one of the more popular capabilities is the ability to run ad-hoc reports on various domains of close and forecast. For example, users can create the following reports:

  • Query – Breakdown of Financial Accruals by GTN Line Item and Month
  • Query – Payer Mix of Demand Sales by Month
  • Query – Payer Mix of Actual Chargeback Units

Gross-to-Net Forecast Accrual and Analysis

One of the most common uses of GTN Analytics is to view a comparison between the current close month accrual and compare it to the trend for a selected forecast. Manufacturers can view the delta between the current close month accrual and compare it to the trend for a selected forecast. Users will be able to view the reports based on all of the value types such as accruals $, accrual %, units, discount %, and utilization % for the current close month and compare the trend to a forecast.

Gross-to-Net Analytics Chart #2: GTN Forecast Accrual $ Analysis for All Cetgories at Company Level

Gross-to-Net Waterfall Reporting

GTN Analytics provides comprehensive waterfall reporting to provide a simple, visual breakdown of the commercialization costs which make up the difference between sale price and net-revenue.

Gross-to-Net Analytics Chart #3: GTN Waterfall for Accrual $ for Close Period - 2022 - M02 at Company Level

GTN waterfall report also serves as a starting point for net revenue optimization analyses and exploration into ways to improve margin. For example, the report may help pharma commercial leadership and finance teams with the following:

  • Determine which discounts and allowances are suboptimal and need to be revised or replaced
  • Determine which discounts and allowances customers care about most and can influence their buying decisions
  • Quantify the financial impact of changing deductions
  • Segment customers within a channel
  • Determine which products and services are least profitable
  • Determine the mix of products and services to sell to customers to augment margin
  • Determine which channels provide the most significant opportunity to grow margin
  • Determine how actual prices have evolved due to changes in deductions
  • Compare different net-revenue models across product archetypes

Part of the Larger GTN Solution

IntegriChain’s GTN Analytics solution is part of our broader GTN solution that delivers on four distinct types of capabilities:

Gtn Accrual Box Diagram: 1) Automation & Digitalization 2) Implementation Blueprint 3) Data-Driven Insights 4) People & Process

IntegriChain delivers on all of these including:

  • Integrated Data Mart
  • Methodology Library
  • Automated Data Cleansing
  • Scalability & Auditability
  • Payer Mix and Returns Analog Benchmarks
  • Commercial Contracting and Government Regulation Expertise
  • GTN What-if Analytics
  • Sales/Demand/Inventory Harmonization
  • SOC Certified Processes and Controls
  • Project Accelerators
  • Customer and Auditor Training

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