GTN Analytics

GTN Analytics

Achieve greater insight and predictability to drive decision-making

Our ICyte Platform makes it easier than ever to transform your gross-to-net management from a back-office accounting function to a strategic management system that improves contract decision making across your company’s product portfolio and delivers better gross-to-net predictability.

GTN Analytics rounds out our GTN automation suite of products and complements our GTN Accruals and GTN Forecasts solutions. By offering data access and analytics in a single system of truth and forecast accuracy, we can help you improve management confidence in your data through GTN automation. GTN Analytics allows scheduled reporting, visualizations, and exports to your entire market access, finance, and executive team–keeping everyone informed with near real-time access to your data that can improve visibility, efficiency and company-wide collaboration.


With most managerial teams requesting “big picture” insight into their Market Access strategy, GTN analytics allows teams to streamline their reporting and analytics processes by uniquely integrating financial data with channel and patient data, including national demand, third-party logistics, specialty pharmacy, specialty distribution, and rebate data.

Finance Team Benefits:

  • Forecasting rebates so that financial statements and metrics are accurate and timely
  • Informing CFO of the state of gross-to-net when preparing for earnings calls
  • Providing feedback to commercial business on effectiveness of contracts/pricing

Market Access Team Benefits:

  • Analyzing how contracts are impacting the product utilization across trade/channels, payers, and gross-to-net
  • Identifying how shifts between distribution channels and indirect programs impact overall profitability


Data on Demand. Reduce the risk of GTN accrual mistakes and improve overall contract decision making by providing Finance and Market Access teams a consistent way to visualize, extract, and integrate data into existing workflows. From pre-built reports and dashboards to on-demand data exports, Market Access teams will find it easy to get the data they need, when they need it. The platform also has a robust API that enables you to plug in your own business intelligence (BI) tools, if desired.

The ICyte Platform provides full self-service access to your data, including ad-hoc analysis and personalized data exports to customers for use outside our systems. This allows our managed services team to act as a seamless extension of your business operations by providing finance teams complete and immediate visibility to all forecast and accrual calculations. 

GTN Reporting.  Evaluate your key Gross-to-Net metrics and trends with web based data visualization and analysis tools. Visualizations align to industry best practices, like product profit and loss statements and actual and forecast variance analysis, and provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of contract decision-making using datasets from across traditional silos. When additional analysis is required, leverage a web based report builder to truly customize analytics.


GTN Metrics. These new metrics will allow you to quickly create reports that are aligned with industry best practices, including products P&Ls, and actual and forecast variance analyses. 





GTN Trends. The new GTN trends reporting feature brings your data to life by seamlessly integrating with ICyte’s Patient and Channel data – including 3PL, specialty pharmacy, specialty distribution, rebate – with gross-to-net systems data to deliver a consolidated view of volume mix and contracted rates across all channels and programs. This report delivers trend insights including, mix of gross sales, payer mix of demand sales, GTN average discount rate by GTN line, and GTN rate trends. These insights improve contract decision-making and allow GTN teams the ability to uniquely answer critical GTN queries for finance and market leaders while improving the accuracy and predictability of their data.


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