Data-Driven Channel Insights

Data-Driven Channel Insights

Improve Brand Performance Through Superior Channel Data


World-class data science drives winning distribution strategies for retail, specialty, buy-and-bill, and precision medicine.

Our channel models are becoming increasingly complicated. It is critical we have solutions that provide insight into product availability, regardless of the channel model we’re using.” 

Vice President | Trade & Channel

With the right data in-hand, you can maximize your channel investment and gain deeper insight into product utilization and availability.


Challenges You May Face

  • Efficiently and accurately aggregating data from multiple channel partners
  • Gaining consistent, accurate insight into 100% downstream inventory and availability issues
  • Support ever-changing channel strategies including retail, specialty pharmacy, and buy-and-bill as well as emerging hybrid models

Turn Your Channel Into a Competitive Advantage

Hundreds of manufacturers rely on IntegriChain’s market-tested technology and data science-based algorithms to rapidly and accurately ingest channel data and transform it into actionable insight for your market access and trade and channel teams.

Our approach to channel data excellence includes:

  • A single partner to manage all your access-related operations
  • Best-in-class data science technology for mastering, enriching, and refining channel data
  • World-class data-driven analytics for strategic market access decision-making
  • Advisory services equipped with industry benchmarks, analogs, and best-practices

Take a Data-Driven Approach to Higher Impact Market Access

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing an accelerated shift towards precision medicine and specialty therapies. This has, in turn, necessitated new channel and specialty pharmacy network designs. However, many manufacturers now realize their traditional approaches to data aggregation and analysis simply fail to provide the necessary insight into the drug’s availability and the performance of both the brand and the patient journey. Lagging syndicated data, late or inaccurate channel data combined with missing patient status data can make it virtually impossible for market access teams to be effective and this also creates uncertainty and wide variability to sensitive gross-to-net accrual and incentive compensation processes.

The ICyte platform provides comprehensive data aggregation by directly connecting to manufacturer trading partners and processes trade partner EDI and flat files through AS2 and SFTP. ICyte supports the direct processing of EDI 852, EDI 867, Chargebacks, and manufacturer’s Ex-factory data from wholesalers and specialty pharmacies, manufacturers, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

ICyte’s data refinement leverages leading-edge data science algorithms and machine learning to deliver best-in-class data stewardship, refinement, and enrichment. This helps to create deeper and faster insights around product availability and the brand’s financial performance.

ICyte analytics provides an end-to-end view of product distribution starting with life sciences supplier distributor inventory, distributor sales, chain DC inventory, store inventory, returns, and POS demand. Based on actual sell-in, returns, and point-of-sale data, IntegriChain provides a weekly report of retail inventories on hand at an individual SKU level. Inventory Analytics captures 100% of the inventory located in chain distribution centers, chain stores, and independent stores, that house products not yet returned to the manufacturer or wholesaler.

What Can You Do With Actionable Channel Insights?

Network Design for
New Product Launches
  Turbocharge your
Market Access

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