Data-Driven Channel Insights

Improve Product Access and Distributor Effectiveness through Channel Data Management and Insights

“Our channel models are becoming increasingly complicated. It is critical we have solutions that provide insight into product availability, regardless of the channel model we’re using.”

Vice President | Trade & Channel

Pharmaceutical Channel Solutions for:

Infographic about expanding portfolios, channel disruptions, and operational data gaps

Pharma’s Only Purpose-Built Platform for Drug Commercialization

Built on ICyte, IntegriChain’s platform features four unique channel management solutions:

Icyte Infographic

In addition, IntegriChain’s channel strategic services deliver:

Demand data that accurately measures dispensing/administration across all channels

Methodology for month and quarter closing inventory pipeline with minimal assumptions

Accurate measures of dispensing/utilization in blinded and blocked channels​

Aggregation solutions that work for distribution data and pharmacy dispensing data

Timelier and more granular patient journey visibility

Diagnostic patient journey analytics

The ICyte Platform offers benchmark data by therapeutic type, distribution channel and class of trade.

Learn More About ICyte Benchmarks .

Turn Your Channel Data Into a Competitive Advantage

Hundreds of manufacturers rely on the ICyte market-tested technology and data science-based algorithms to rapidly and accurately ingest channel data and transform it into an actionable pharma channel strategy for your market access and trade and channel teams.

Our approach to channel data management excellence includes:

  • A single partner to manage all your access-related operations
  • Best-in-class data science technology for mastering, enriching, and refining channel data
  • World-class data-driven analytics for strategic market access decision-making
  • Advisory services equipped with industry benchmarks, analogs, and best-practices
Pharma Channel Data Management Excellence

Take a Data-Driven Approach to Higher Impact Market Access

ICyte’s data refinement leverages leading-edge data science algorithms and machine learning to deliver best-in-class data stewardship, refinement, and enrichment. This helps to create deeper and faster insights around product availability and the brand’s financial performance.

ICyte analytics provides an end-to-end view of product distribution starting with pharmaceutical supplier distributor inventory, distributor sales, chain DC inventory, store inventory, returns, and POS demand. Based on actual sell-in, returns, and point-of-sale data, IntegriChain provides a weekly report of retail inventories on hand at an individual SKU level. Inventory analytics captures 100% of the inventory located in chain distribution centers, chain stores, and independent stores that house products not yet returned to the manufacturer or wholesaler.

Channel Data Aggregation, Refinement, and Analytics Diagram


ICyte Data Aggregation

  • Streamline and enhance the reliability, accuracy and usage of critical EDI and non-EDI channel datasets
  • Data provider communication and collaboration as well as expert oversight
  • Make sense of multiple data sets and transform them into accurate, timely inventory insights to wholesalers, specialty distributors, physician suppliers, and specialty pharmacies

ICyte Order Management

  • Minimize user errors and improve cycle time associated with manual validations of general, customer or product specific volume caps and inventory target ranges
  • Control speculative inventory builds, gray-market activities and excessive ordering of controlled substances that lead to compliance risk and lost profits
  • Reduce financial risks of under or over-reserving accruals associated with channel sales such as returns and after sale rebates
  • Avoid lengthy and costly ERP customizations and large enterprise IT projects


ICyte Data Refinement

  • Leverage industry-leading data science to improve your visibility downstream.
  • Use advanced visualization techniques, interactive dashboards, robust data extractions, and rich ad hoc capabilities
  • Unlock the value of data refinement through sales and demand forecasting, returns reporting, GTN accruals and true-ups, and much more

ICyte Distribution Contract Management

  • Manage distribution service agreements with a higher degree of accountability in terms of data quality, inventory and service level targets, and clawback of price appreciation
  • Generates scheduled or on demand scorecards for in-cycle communications and quarterly business reviews
  • Automates payment workflow and audit trail on waivers and other decisions that could impact FMV compliance or government prices


ICyte Inventory Analytics

  • Provides an unprojected, reliable source of demand data that accurately measures dispensing/ administration across channels and product archetypes
  • End-to-end tracking of inventory and returns in the channel accounting for blinded/blocked accounts and pharmacies not contracted to report inventories
  • Demonstrates to Finance and Audit that sales, inventory and demand reconcile
  • Data-driven methodology and automation tools for month and quarter closing inventory pipeline

ICyte Patient Analytics

  • KPIs and dashboard to monitor key business metrics such as: Time to First Fill, Fill Rate, Time on Therapy and Proportion of Days Covered 
  • Monitor interventions’ effectiveness, risks to initiation and adherence with AI/ML driven suggested next best action
  • Specialty Pharmacy Data Quality and Specialty Pharmacy Performance benchmark Scorecards
  • Ad-Hoc Analytics
  • Patient funnel reporting
  • Bridging of syndicated claims datasets

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