Refined Channel Data

Refined Channel Data

Leverage industry-leading data science and enrichment algorithms to deliver end-to-end view of your direct, wholesale and specialty distribution 

Your visibility to downstream inventory issues is directly related to the quality and quantity of data sets being used to manage your channel. Many manufacturers encounter unpleasant “surprises” due to:

  • Missing and/or blinded product data
  • Discrepancies in sell-in or sell-out data
  • Conflicting inventory and returns data

IntegriChain Refined Channel Data provides an end-to-end view of product distribution starting with Pharma supplier distributor inventory, distributor sales, chain distribution centers (DC) inventory, store inventory, returns, and point of sale (POS) demand.

There are numerous benefits to employing Refined Channel Data

  • Lower the Cost of Managing Channel Data. Free up IT and business resources by managing channel data processing, QA/QC, and reporting in the ICyte Platform.
  • Reduce Product Returns. Identify national accounts with high rates of product returns and verify that agreed upon corrective actions are being implemented at under-performing accounts.
  • Improve Network Design. Manage down inventory in the channel by tying order management decisions to trade partner inventory and withdrawal trends.
  • Explain Channel Impacts on Quarterly Results. Quantify how retail channel inventories impact quarterly corporate sales results, improving investor clarity on the true direction of demand.
    • Improve Sales Predictability. Explain changes in distributor orders by reporting swings in chain and institution customer orders; identify trends that will impact next month/quarter performance.
    • Tighten Returns Reserves. Monitor inventory availability at the individual retail pharmacy. Tie returns reserves to an accurate and up-to-date measurement of total retail inventory; ensure an appropriate reserve level during key product lifecycle events.
    • Tighten Returns Reserves. Optimize channel inventory and gross-to-net reserve accuracy through unparalleled, on-demand visibility to distributor sell-in/sell-out and total pipeline inventory.

    Pharma manufacturers can bolt on enhanced data offerings for Refined Channel Data.

    • IntegriChain National. IntegriChain National unblinds and reports 100% of trade partner inventory broken out by parent and class of trade.
    • IntegriChain Pharmacy. IntegriChain Pharmacy reports retail pharmacy sell-in by individual location, ranking each pharmacy on its volume by product and category.
      • IntegriChain Subnational. Reports pharmacy sell-in by location for all channels including non-retail pharmacies such as specialty pharmacy, long-term care, HMO pharmacies, and others.
      To learn more about our Refined Channel Data solution or to speak with an IntegriChain Data Products Expert, please complete the form below:

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