Patient Insights

Patient Insights

Patient Adherence Solutions & Patient Access

Turbocharge your speciality pharmacy network by using data to identify patient journey obstacles and develop patient initiation and patient adherence solutions.

Obstacles Impacting the Patient’s Journey

  • Obtaining patient status updates in a timely manner
  • Ensuring patient data is mastered in a consistent, accurate manner
  • Collaborating with specialty pharmacy partners to efficiently share patient data

It is crucial that we instrument the entire patient journey so we can understand what, if any, obstacles they’re encountering.”

Vice President | Market Access

Improving patient adherence to therapies

Improve Patient Initiation

Industry research shows that 30% to 50% of scripts never get filled. By properly leveraging patient status data, manufacturers can gain insight into payer, channel, and provider-related obstacles impacting the patient journey. With accurate, real-time patient data, manufacturers gain a better understanding of the barriers affecting patient initiation.

Improving patient adherence to therapies

Track Patient Adherence

Even once the patient initiates therapy, adherence is hardly guaranteed. Ongoing payer issues, out-of-pocket costs, and side effects are a few of the factors that complicate the patient journey. In fact, the National Institute of Health data shows that adherence rates for most medications for chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension usually fall in the 50% to 60% range, even with patients who have good insurance and drug benefits. To combat this, manufacturers often throw money into an array of patient services programs, but without accurate patient status and dispense data, these programs can be a huge investment with little return.

Drug manufacturers can develop effective patient adherence solutions by: 

  • Having access to quality patient status data that is readily available
  • Collaborating across channels to accurately measure the impact of patient service programs on patient adherence
  • Quickly and correctly identifying friction points between pharmacies and patient services

Gain Reliable Patient Journey Insights in Real-Time

Pharmaceutical manufacturers need access to reliable, consistent, and timely patient data in order to make business decisions that affect their bottom line. Whether you’re an existing manufacturer trying to identify breakdowns in patient adherence or you’re an emerging manufacturer trying to get a handle on co-pay program costs, IntegriChain can turn mountains of patient data into actionable insights for your market access teams.

Every specialty pharmaceutical manufacturer needs answers to a common set of critical business questions around patient initiation and patient adherence:

  • Has the patient started therapy?
  • Does the patient understand how to properly administer the drug?
  • Did the patient encounter issues with prior authorization requirements?
  • Is the patient unable to afford the treatment?
  • Did the patient refill the prescription as planned or have they discontinued therapy?
  • Has patient outreach and support been performed per the contract?


Unfortunately, manufacturers often realize each specialty pharmacy has its own ways of calculating metrics and statuses. They also frequently uncover:

  • Missing patient status updates
  • Missing payer data
  • Confusing or out-of-sequence patient status reports
  • Issues with patient data mastering


These issues often prevent manufacturers from getting a clear, consistent line of sight into the patient journey including medication access and adherence. IntegriChain understands how to amplify the manufacturer-specialty pharmacy relationship and make the patient status the central point of efficient, data-driven collaboration.

IntegriChain’s patient access products include patient data aggregation, refined patient data, and specialty pharmacy analytics.

IntegriChain’s ICyte platform leverages longitudinal de-identification to ensure unique patient IDs, enabling accurate aggregation of patient data across providers and channels.

Patient Data Aggregation »

Patient data refinement provides advanced data quality stewardship, data cleansing, and master data management to provide more timely visibility to providers who are struggling with payer restrictions, accurately measure the impact of patient service programs on patient initiation and adherence, and enable more informed decisions on patient access investments.

Refined Patient Data »

IntegriChain utilizes patient status data refinement, patient journey KPIs and diagnostic scorecarding to identify operational challenges with SP patient enrollment and payer restriction navigation as well as friction points between network SPs and patient service platforms.

Specialty Pharmacy Analytic»

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