Launch Readiness

Launch Readiness

Creating a Successful Drug Launch Strategy

Develop a strong drug launch strategy that addresses all your market access challenges from the start.

The idea of having a unified platform through a single vendor was so important to us leading up to launch.

Senior Vice President | Finance

We can help you ready for launch and solve these challenges with a fully-integrated, scalable approach for new and emerging Life Sciences manufacturers.


Challenges You May Face

  • Ensuring your contracts and pricing are set and processes are in place for day one
  • Verifying that you can accurately monitor your channel (whether retail or specialty) to assure your product gets to your patients
  • Knowing your financial processes are in place for accurate forecasting and accruals
be prepared day one

Be Prepared on Day One

We are experts in launch – delivering expert advisory on pricing, contracts, and gross-to-net combined with data, analytics, and managed services that adapt to changing demands across your brand’s life cycle.

Our launch readiness services feature:

  • A single partner to manage all your access-related operations
  • World-class data-driven analytics for strategic market access decision-making
  • Rapid deployment of right-sized solutions with minimal disruption on your team
  • Insights to improve your patient initiation and adherence success

Reduce Risk and Increase Speed to Launch with a Proven, Comprehensive Commercialization Platform

Manufacturers that successfully implement a defined pre-launch methodology are more likely to attain their revenue goals and outperform the competition in their go-to-market strategy. Pre-commercial manufacturers in particular have the unique opportunity to place the patient at the center of their commercial strategy using coordinated, intelligent engagement with guidance from our professional service teams.

Having supported more than 70% of new product launches over the past three years, we know the formula:


Pre-launch insights into competitive market baskets, pricing and contracting scenarios, and financial modeling guide the path to launch


Government and commercial contracts are in place and maximized for value


Gross-to-Net systems are ready for modeling and forecasting


Channel is developed and ready to maintain access to product


Ability to identify and resolve roadblocks in patient journeys is defined and engaged

Drug Launch Resources

Launch Timeline   Specialty Launch Checklist

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