Data-Driven Gross-to-Net

Data-Driven Gross-to-Net

Maximize Net-Price Visibility and Predictability

Achieving a confident forecast and clear view into a drug’s true net-price can be a major challenge due to each department running their own gross-to-net spreadsheets and the almost endless array of fees, discounts, chargebacks, credits, and rebates.

Being able to accurately calculate and forecast accruals is vital to our financial planning process and ability to meet our financial goals.”

Vice President | Finance

Most pharmaceutical manufacturers struggle with gross-to-net accuracy. Despite their best efforts, finance and accounting teams wrestle with missing or inaccurate data, error-prone manual and spreadsheet-driven processes and lack of calculation transparency and audit readiness.


Challenges You May Face

  • Ensuring all of the right line items are accurate and properly accrued
  • Creating an accurate forecasting model that can be easily maintained and readily understood and audited
  • Being able to rapidly perform “what-if” analyses to test different pricing strategies


Take Control of Accrual Management and Forecast Accuracy

IntegriChain can help you overcome the traditional data, process, and resource-related challenges associated with gross-to-net and net-pricing visibility. We are experts at understanding the dependencies gross-to-net has on channel, patient, and payer data.

Our comprehensive approach to gross-to-net includes:

  • Single partner to manage all of your gross-to-net, contracting, pricing, channel, and patient data needs
  • Accrual management and forecasting solutions for companies of all size and complexity
  • Advisory services to provide industry best-practices, benchmarking, and analogs
  • Analytics to provide rapid, actionable insight into product profitability

Turn Net-Price Visibility From a Dream Into a Reality

IntegriChain makes achieving a predictable net-price a reality. The ICyte Platform makes it easier for the GTN forecasters to obtain inputs from key stakeholders such as contracts and pricing, channel partners, and patient support. Teams responsible for areas such as pricing, payer deal-making, and co-pay card programs can also model future business strategies in the same platform where overall GTN forecasts are built,
leading to a much easier exchange of critical forecast inputs.


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