Integrichain Blog


ICyte Platform Josh Halpern
March 7, 2022

Unifying IntegriChain’s Services & Support: Customer Support and Value Realization

4 Minute Read

In his second unification-focused blog, President and COO Josh Halpern discusses IntegriChain's investment in customer support to better augment the value for customers and end-users.

Overcoming Challenges in Rare Disease

Market Access Blogs Dave Weiss
February 28, 2022

Overcoming Drug Commercialization Challenges in Rare Disease

5 Minute Read

Solutions to common challenges that manufacturers face when commercializing rare and orphan disease therapies.

Contracts & Pricing Olivia Nweze Gourab Khan Ben Fanelli
February 24, 2022

Branded Pharma Fee: Manufacturer Considerations

5 Minute Read

And other regulatory updates on Line Extension guidance, the upcoming DUNS number transition, and emergency 340B flexibilities.

ICyte Platform Josh Halpern
February 15, 2022

Unifying IntegriChain’s Services & Support: Data Management

4 Minute Read

President and COO Josh Halpern discusses the current and future capabilities of the integrated applications, analytics, and datastores within the ICyte Platform.

Gross-to-Net Jen Sharpe
February 3, 2022

Forecasting for the Future

2 Minute Read

How manufacturers can leverage successful returns and inventory pipeline reserve methodologies for long-term benefits.

Contracts & Pricing Gourab Khan
January 24, 2022

New Year, New Laws: Drug Price Reform, Coverage Gap, and 340B

4 Minute Read

Potential and pending regulatory changes in 2022 including the current status of the Build Back Better Act and Part D Benefit Design.

Pharmaceutical team discussing the future of the pharmaceutical industry

Corporate Kevin E. Leininger
January 20, 2022

IntegriChain and Blue Fin Group Combine Forces

2 Minute Read

Our newly combined team of commercialization experts focuses on solving your biggest access challenges: patient funnel pull-through and GTN optimization.

Pharma market access strategy for pre and post launch

Launch Readiness Leigh Anne Siino
January 19, 2022

Best Practices: Redesigning the Perfect Launch

3 Minute Read

We ask market access leaders what they would change if they had the ability to launch their therapy all over again.

Channel Aaron Light Umber Afshan
January 13, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions: Channel and Revenue Leakage

3 Minute Read

We discuss how life sciences manufacturers can maximize profit by reducing revenue leakage through actionable channel data insights.

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