Today we celebrate our 15th anniversary as IntegriChain, and I cannot be more proud. We’ve come so far in the growth and development of our offerings and expertise – all keeping pace with the evolving needs of Life Sciences. Like everyone and every business, we’ve had our challenges, but we are thrilled today to continue our momentum: we are now 550+ professionals strong and serve more than 250 Life Sciences manufacturers – including 19 of the top-20 – with our first-in-kind Market Access data and business process platform.

Back in 2006, Josh Halpern and I started IntegriChain from scratch. It was just us and a handful of data experts, working to improve the visibility of channel data. Proudly, many of our current customers have been with us from those early days. In 2007, we launched our data aggregation platform, signing big names including Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Bristol-Myers Squibb, among others – and, I am proud to say, all are still customers today. We used those young years to build out our data products suite. As we grew our data science team and technology capabilities, we recognized in 2010 that it was time to reach for something bigger – meeting the growing demand for 24×7 data access and SaaS applications. Back then, it was a novel idea but nonetheless a no-brainer for us.

Along the way, we found an outstanding partner in Accel-KKR, strategically helping us grow both organically and inorganically. We expanded our offerings to include critical Contracts & Pricing business processes including Rebate Management and Government Pricing, the exciting new world of automated Gross-to-Net solutions, and our highly trusted and deeply-benched Advisory practice. All of these offerings round out our offerings to meet the holistic Market Access needs of the industry. Since 2017, we’ve acquired four complementary technology and managed services companies – the most recent of which was Cumberland Life Sciences, bringing in an outstanding team of Market Access and technology experts. 

Needless to say, we’ve amped up our technology in the past 15 years. Today, our ICyte Platform employs cool transformative tech including robotic process automation, machine-learning-enabled master data management, intelligent data enrichment, and predictive analytics.

And now, the ICyte Platform is rapidly becoming the technology backbone for Market Access, delivering the data, applications, and business process infrastructure for patient access and therapy commercialization. We are thrilled that our data, insights, processes, and technology help Life Sciences innovators improve patient access and adherence and digitalize labor-intensive processes – freeing up their best talent to identify and resolve coverage and availability hurdles and to manage pricing and forecasting complexity. Our platform is designed to take on your biggest challenges like value-based contracting, contract modeling, and revenue leakage – delivering all of the previously siloed channel, patient, contracting, pricing, and financial data, insights, and workflows required for these complex processes. We’ve been so honored to support half of Life Sciences innovators commercializing their very first products, and we’re thrilled to see them thrive, help patients in need, and go on to develop more outstanding therapies.

We could not be successful without the continuous collaboration with our customers to improve and expand our technology, solutions, and services for Market Access. We thank you for your partnership over these many years as we looked to innovate to better serve your needs. From the very beginning, we value your input into what your current and future challenges are and how we can help. 

I also must thank the more than five hundred – and growing! – of outstanding professionals on our global team. Their dedication and expertise are what makes IntegriChain collectively great. Being an IntegriChainer is something that is very special and rewarding, and I am personally thrilled to learn from my colleagues every day!

In the coming years and decades, we look forward to continuing to innovate and deliver world-class solutions to our customers. We do hope you’ll join us for our virtual Access Insights Conference for some outstanding thought leadership and unique benchmark insights, and hope next year to see all of you in person as I have a few hands to shake.

About the Author

Kevin E. Leininger

Kevin E. Leininger

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Kevin serves as Executive Chairman of IntegriChain, leading the Board of Directors' oversight of the company. Previously, he served as Chief Executive Officer for 16 years since co-founding the company in 2006. Under his leadership, IntegriChain grew to be a leading multinational enterprise that helps pharmaceutical manufacturers commercialize products, from strategy to operational execution.