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pharmaceutical pricing strategy reporting

Contracts & Pricing Jeff Baab
August 29, 2022

The Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on the Pharmaceutical Industry

4 Minute Read

Explore some of the key provisions and timelines of the Inflation Reduction Act for their impact on pharmaceutical manufacturers government pricing and GTN strategies.

Pharmaceutical distribution channel analytics

Contracts & Pricing Olivia Nweze Darren Schneider Michael Gorokhovsky
August 19, 2022

NDC Format Proposal, Focus on PBMs, False Claims Act

4 Minute Read

August's market update is a legislative review of the NDC formal proposal, FTC investigation of PBMs, and the False Claims Act.

Contract Banner

Contracts & Pricing Brian Bumpus Suzaun Shahamat
July 19, 2022

Legal Review: Medicare Program, 340B, and State Price Updates

6 Minute Read

July's market update is a legislative review of 340B contract pharmacy restrictions, new Medicare bills, and SPTR updates.

Contracts & Pricing Marta Rutherford Michael Gorokhovsky
June 27, 2022

Pharma vs. 340B

4 Minute Read

This month’s market update features the latest news detailing the tumultuous relationship between pharma and 340B, including The Supreme Court, HRSA, and insight on how inflation escalates everything.

pharmaceutical pricing strategy reporting

Contracts & Pricing Jeff Baab
June 14, 2022

Top Trends in Contracting

6 Minute Read

Using exclusive ICyte Benchmarks from over 230 brands across more than 50 manufacturers, we examine the top trends in specialty pharmacy contracting.

Contracts & Pricing Darren Schneider Rupal Patel
May 22, 2022

CMS Medicaid Copay Ruling

4 Minute Read

And other industry updates including the Medi-Cal older adult expansion and profiles of new pharmacy models and 3PLs entering the market.

Pharmaceutical distribution channel analytics

Contracts & Pricing Matt Cunningham
April 28, 2022

Regulatory Market Updates, April 2022

3 Minute Read

We recap pressing issues from the past month, including the DUNS number transition, the latest in the Eli Lilly/Streck case, and rising healthcare spending for U.S. payers.

Three Pharma regulatory consultants working at a table and planning their pharma gross-to-net strategy

Contracts & Pricing Jeff Baab Jason Zemcik
April 11, 2022

Best Price and Copay Challenges: Frequently Asked Questions

11 Minute Read

Common manufacturer concerns on best price calculations, copay accumulators and maximizers, and 340B management as the effective date for the CMS Final Rule approaches.

Contracts & Pricing Brian Bumpus Matt Cunningham
March 28, 2022

Medicare Part B Sequestration Update

3 Minute Read

Regulatory Market Update Updates for Pharma Manufacturers As always, if you have questions on any of the content found in this or previous market updates, please reach out to...

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