What’s New in the Latest ICyte Release

The latest ICyte Platform Summer Release is all about data actionability. We’ve now made it easier than ever to provide better, deeper visibility into your data within our single access platform so you can proactively simplify your everyday tasks and spend less time dealing with data quality. 

Here are the 5 enhancements we’re most excited about:

Data Aggregation & Stewardship

  • IntegriChain’s Patient Data Aggregation delivers services data integration that enables field reimbursement teams to triage patient access barriers by integrating patient initiation services and specialty pharmacy data – including reimbursement support patient case data as well as specialty pharmacy patient status and dispensing data – in a single reporting and analytics platform.
  • IntegriChain’s Refined Patient Data employs advanced data sciences to rapidly identify and resolve Specialty Pharmacy data quality issues, increasing the speed at which manufacturers can overcome triaging problems with specialty pharmacy status maps or issues with patient status update timeliness.
  • IntegriChain’s Channel Data Aggregation includes enhanced exception analytics for channel inventory management that allows manufacturers to proactively and efficiently ensure product availability in the channel.
  • IntegriChain’s Refined Channel Data expands institutional visibility to Specialty Pharmacy and infusion site demand potential through subnational deciles, allowing manufacturers to understand trends in the channel utilization of their own products compared with competitor utilization, informing their network design and account strategy.  


  • Real-time, actionable data you can trust in IntegriChain’s Data Quality Cockpit. A single dashboard to triage all data quality issues, monitor timeliness of Specialty Pharmacy issue resolution, and view which fields are frequently missing. This will enable manufacturers to have a shared understanding of the issues coming from their speciality pharmacies and be able to follow up on these issues, get to issue resolution faster, and with less risk of drop off or miscommunication.

Interested in finding out more? Get a closer look at some of these data enhancements below:


Patient Data Aggregation

Our new Patient Data Aggregation updates are all about timeliness and quality of your data. The longer a patient has waiting to get therapy, the greater the chance that the patient will never start therapy. You need to be able to take action quickly on data you can trust and it all starts with patient data aggregation. These are the tools that ensure your data is on time, when you expect it, and that it’s of the highest possible quality. And if it’s not, multiple stakeholders at IntegriChain are here to support you on a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis.


Required Fields-Daily Dashboard

This view allows you to be able to understand which individual fields in the data the pharmacy has been struggling to report. Until now, manufacturers have never had the level of insight to easily identify data quality issues. This ICyte view identifies specific problematic data files  so it can be communicated to specialty pharmacies in a consistent manner. This way, specialty pharmacies can clearly see the  issues effectively and take appropriate action to resolve them. Being able to configure your data quality contract level down to a field level covered by brand is something that’s entirely unique to IntegriChain.


Quality Control Multiple Longitudinal IDs

The screen shot above shows how ICyte validates  the data quality of missing data. When you’re trying to have a conversation about a patient case, it’s really hard to trust the data if there are so many  different identifiers for a single patient case. This view enables you and your pharmacy and patient services partners to speak a common language about patient cases, syncing patient IDs regardless of where the source of the data is from. By creating this level of insight for each patient case, ICyte allows you as well as IntegriChain data stewards to identify data quality issues, ensuring that in the future when patient cases are discussed, both the pharmacy and the manufacturer can feel confident that they’re always discussing the same patient.


Refined Patient Data

IntegriChain meets the market need for not only a data partner that will ensure that your files are on time and accurate but the information reported within that data is accurate and insightful.


Patient Status Timeliness

When reviewing open patient statuses view on ICyte, you can find out how many days it has been since you received the last status for that patient. In this instance above, you can easily see that there hasn’t been an update in almost 15 days 40% of patients. This tool allows you to identify and build a report of all of these stalled patient cases. This view and report allow you to constructively discuss corrective action about stalled patient statuses from the pharmacy. This type of insight is something Life Sciences manufacturers have never had the ability to do. Further, we’ve been actively advocating for manufacturers to add this type of timeliness language about status updates in their pharmacy contracts and create a standardization with performance metrics.


Failed Patient Status Rules

This enhancement to the summer release is an update on patient status timeliness. In the screenshot above, you can see patients who did not adhere to therapy by their referral dates and last status dates. This will help create visibility into patients who did not adhere to therapy so problems in the specialty pharmacy can be triaged sooner. Customers have had great success using this insight into sub-status utilization, not only to get the status data information remapped for their utilization, but also to drive operational processes and provide better care to patients.


First reported status

This view above is a differentiated data quality view not just telling you which patients have updates from which pharmacy, but also how long it takes you to get that status update.



These data enhancements will help you streamline your everyday tasks with real-time, granular, and actionable data visibility you can trust, all within a single dashboard. For more information on what else is available in this release, your customer success manager or account director would love to hear from you.

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