Channel Data Aggregation

Channel Data Aggregation

Our pharmaceutical data aggregation solution unites data sets from sales, inventory, specialty pharmacy inventory, and product returns channels.

Successful market access demands having the right therapy in the right place at the right time, from the distribution center (DC) to points of care (POC). Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. The myriad of wholesalers, pharmacies, and immense scale of transactions make it difficult for most life science manufacturers to get an accurate, timely line-of-sight into inventory availability issues. Poor inventory insight not only raises the risk of stock-outs but also creates uncertainty and wide variability to sensitive gross-to-net accrual and incentive compensation processes.

A pharmaceutical data aggregation solution makes it easy to pass data throughout all supply chain channels. IntegriChain’s Channel Data Aggregation solution helps make sense of the multiple data sets and transforms them into accurate, timely inventory insight through the following:

Seamless Connectivity

IntegriChain leverages our ICyte Platform to directly connect to pharmaceutical manufacturer trading partners and processes trade partner EDI and flat files through AS2 and SFTP. ICyte supports the direct processing of EDI 852, EDI 867, Chargebacks, and manufacturer’s Ex-factory data from wholesalers and specialty pharmacies, manufacturers, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

Tight Collaboration

IntegriChain works with you to establish a data aggregation and review schedule for each trade partner and relevant data set being transmitted. Within the schedule, IntegriChain tracks the time and dates on which each data set is to be reported and the required reporting fields.

  • Data Timeliness: did each dataset arrive at the scheduled time?
  • Data Completeness: did each dataset contain the required fields?
  • Data Accuracy: did dataset pass a pre-determined accuracy check (e.g., 852 vs 867 sales)

      Expert Oversight

      IntegriChain assigns a data quality analyst to each customer. The data quality analyst monitors data timeliness, completeness, and accuracy exceptions. They will then escalate any detected exceptions to specified customer contacts by close of the business day on which the exception is detected.

      Data Stewardship and Master Data Management

      Each data provider’s unique layouts are mapped to IntegriChain’s integrated data model, scrubbing data for key quality checks such as missing data, duplicate data, or invalid records. All pharmaceutical data is aligned to a common product master and trade partner master that are maintained by IntegriChain data analysts. The product master ensures that consistent naming and unit of measure standards are used across all channel data. In the ICyte Platform, manufacturer trade and channel teams can view and report their channel data in extended units, pack units, today’s current WAC price, historic WAC price, or molecular units. All datasets are cleansed and mastered against IntegriChain’s Point of Care Outlet Master which includes a channel and class-of-trade schema including 750k+ gold customer account records, 500k+ gold product record, and 10,000+ parent hierarchies.

      Powerful Analytics and Visualization

      The ICyte Platform includes a powerful embedded business intelligence tool that offers advanced visualization techniques, interactive dashboards, robust data extractions, and rich ad hoc capabilities built on the industry leading Spotfire tool. The solution features more than 20 reports, dashboards, and pre-configured analytics to analyze days on hand, trade partner omissions, inventory roll-forwards, ExFactory sales, returns, indirect sales, and other reports critical to trade account management, operations, and the finance organization.

      Learn More About Pharmaceutical Data Aggregation

      At IntegriChain, we understand that the smooth transfer and insight into aggregated pharmaceutical data is what keeps your business operating and your patients receiving the therapy they need. To learn more about our Channel Data Aggregation solution or to speak with an IntegriChain Data Products Expert, please complete the form below:

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