Integrichain Blog


Launch Readiness Dave Weiss
June 7, 2022

Best Practices: Identifying and Avoiding Patient Access Barriers

4 Minute Read

Market access leaders from DBV Technologies, Sesen Bio, and Karyopharm Therapeutics discuss strategies to overcome obstacles to patient initiation and adherence.

Launch Readiness Dave Weiss
March 24, 2022

Best Practices: Achieving Your Pre-Launch Sales Forecasts

6 Minute Read

Market access leaders from DBV Technologies, Karyopharm Therapeutics, and Sesen Bio discuss critical factors in a successful launch and ways to achieve pre-launch forecasts.

Launch Readiness Leigh Anne Siino
January 19, 2022

Best Practices: Redesigning the Perfect Launch

3 Minute Read

We ask market access leaders what they would change if they had the ability to launch their therapy all over again.

Gross-to-Net Nav Devaraj Victoria Wilkinson
January 28, 2021

Five Steps to GTN Implementation Success

3 Minute Read

Pharmaceutical manufacturers can achieve GTN implementation success on day one of a new product launch by following these five best practices.

Gross-to-Net Jen Sharpe
December 10, 2020

Gross-to-Net Roadmap to Launch

3 Minute Read

A comprehensive countdown of the Top 10 key gross-to-net (GTN) milestones for manufacturers about to launch their first commercial product.

Channel Kevin E. Leininger
May 20, 2015

Insights from CBI’s Customized Distribution and Pharmacy Strategies Summit

1 Minute Read

I gave an interesting presentation to a group of pharmacy distribution experts at the recent CBI Customized distribution and Pharmacy Strategies Summit and would like to share some of...

Launch Readiness Tisha Agarwal
May 14, 2015

Reality Check for Product Launch: How IntegriChain Can Add Value

3 Minute Read

There is significant work to be done pre-launch: from defining the market, creating a vision for the brand, identifying leverage points, prioritizing stakeholders, and segmenting the market to creating...

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