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ICyte Platform Josh Halpern
March 7, 2022

Unifying IntegriChain’s Services & Support: Customer Support and Value Realization

4 Minute Read

In his second unification-focused blog, President and COO Josh Halpern discusses IntegriChain's investment in customer support to better augment the value for customers and end-users.

ICyte Platform Josh Halpern
February 15, 2022

Unifying IntegriChain’s Services & Support: Data Management

4 Minute Read

President and COO Josh Halpern discusses the current and future capabilities of the integrated applications, analytics, and datastores within the ICyte Platform.

ICyte Platform Josh Halpern
November 23, 2021

A Look Back at the 2021 Access Insights Conference

2 Minute Read

Co-founder and EVP Josh Halpern reviews the recent Access Insights Conference and some of the key challenges that Life Sciences market access teams face.

ICyte Platform Kevin E. Leininger
October 29, 2021

15 Years Strong

2 Minute Read

Founder and CEO Kevin Leininger celebrates IntegriChain's outstanding customers and our team of professionals around the globe on our 15th anniversary.

ICyte Platform Josh Halpern
July 8, 2021

Breaking down the Silos for Next-Generation Access

5 Minute Read

This blog is the fourth in a series that shares our vision for future-proofing Market Access. Manufacturers can evolve the Market Access function to work toward their commercial, financial, and...

ICyte Platform Josh Halpern
June 17, 2021

Operational Goals to Future Proof Market Access

3 Minute Read

In this third installment, we look at operational goals for Market Access. Commercial Operations and Contracting teams need a flexible infrastructure that can support business scale and the changing...

ICyte Platform Josh Halpern
June 3, 2021

Financial Goals to Future Proof Market Access

3 Minute Read

In this four-part series, we examine the key goals of Market Access teams as they look to the future with the advent of speciality and precision medicine and how...

ICyte Platform Josh Halpern
May 20, 2021

Future Proofing Market Access with a Unified Data and Technology Platform

4 Minute Read

This is the first of a series examining the commercial, financial, and operational goals of Market Access, which are all are stymied by data and application silos.

Channel Brandon Underwood
May 4, 2015

Using Big Data Technologies to Drive the Evolution of Collaborative Channel...

1 Minute Read

As IntegriChain looks to the future evolution of its product development to build a collaborative, data driven healthcare channel, new big data technologies are constantly analyzed and evaluated to...

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