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Government Pricing John Whitridge
April 7, 2023

State Pricing Transparency Reporting – Part 2

3 Minute Read

Explore the best practice recommendations regarding compliance for SPTR.

Capitol Building, where state price transparency laws are enacted

Government Pricing Stephanie Trunk John Whitridge
May 26, 2022

The Nuance and Necessity of Timely State Price Transparency Reporting

4 Minute Read

Expert opinions from a recent price transparency congress on reporting, remediation, and ways to manage state price transparency now and in the future.

Contracts & Pricing Brendan Crabtree
November 23, 2021

Regulatory Updates

4 Minute Read

This month we discuss COVID-19 vaccine mandates, the recent HHS drug discount ruling, and Medicare drug price reforms.

Contracts & Pricing Ben Fanelli Kevin Ehmann
October 20, 2021

The New Plan for Addressing High Drug Prices

4 Minute Read

We discuss the Biden administration's plan for combatting high drug prices, the new PBM public law reporting cycle, and MA and Part D rule for 2022.

340B FAQ

Government Pricing Dave Weiss
October 11, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions: 340B Program

3 Minute Read

Examining common questions about the 340B program and what ICyte solutions are available to identify and act on non-compliance.

Capitol Building, where state price transparency laws are enacted

Government Pricing John Whitridge
October 4, 2021

Updates to State Price Transparency Laws

2 Minute Read

As more states begin to adopt price transparency laws, we examine the latest laws enacted by individual states and what it means for manufacturers.

Hospital hallway with medical icons overlaid, emphasizing the importance of Inflation Reduction Act guidance for pharmaceutical manufacturers

Contracts & Pricing Brendan Crabtree Kevin Ehmann
September 17, 2021

How Discount Cards Are Replacing PBMs

3 Minute Read

We review how discount cards have disrupted the prescription market as well as updates to the most-favored-nation pricing model and new STPR laws in Maine.

Contracts & Pricing Ben Fanelli
August 13, 2021

Compliance Guidelines for Government Programs

5 Minute Read

Six key elements to operate an effective compliance program. Also, new VA FSS rules for vaccine drugs, State Price Transparency, and Medicare Part D updates and reminders.

Contracts & Pricing Gourab Khan
July 26, 2021

The Branded Pharma Fee Deadline Approaches

4 Minute Read

We'll tell you how to prepare. Plus new manufacturer awareness for orphan drugs, midnight changes to MDRP, and upholding the ACA.

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