Specialty Pharmacy Analytics

Specialty Pharmacy Data Analytics

Bring actionable insights and service accountability to your specialty pharmacy data

Each patient journey is unique. The metric calculations and data analytics your brand relies on to measure performance and improve patient outcomes must reflect your brand’s unique patient access at every step.

IntegriChain’s Specialty Pharmacy Analytics delivers diagnostic patient access insights by calibrating the datasets associated with a suite of business KPIs and analytics to reflect the uniqueness of your brand’s patient access.

Our diagnostic analytics for patient initiation, therapy adherence, field reimbursement, hub services, and patient services go a level deeper to the reasons why your patients are struggling to overcome barriers along patient access.

Specialty pharmacy data analytics, visualizations, reporting, and tools are available for a number of patient access stakeholders:

  • Specialty Pharmacy (SP) Account Management
  • Field Reimbursement (FRM) teams
  • Patient Services

Built for Multiple Specialty Brand Stakeholders

Patient Access Modeling

IntegriChain uses innovative data science techniques to model patient access. Patient Access Modeling is the process of defining each specialty brand’s unique patient access, resulting in the implementation of business decisions to model unique brand journey pathways. Brand-specific modeling drives all data-driven KPI metrics and insights reflecting a brand’s true patient access.


Specialty Pharmacy (SP) Account Management

Network specialty pharmacies struggling with key performance indicators (KPIs) like Time to First Fill (TTFF) and Fill Rate are often unable to identify opportunities to improve due to poor patient status data quality.

Our Specialty Pharmacy Analytics and SP Scorecards diagnose performance and identify actionable coaching opportunities.

Monitoring incoming patient status updates for data quality issues helps your SP Account Management team to implement weekly/monthly processes to review trends and hold SPs accountable to contractual obligations.

Field Reimbursement (FRM) Teams

Identifying actionable, stalled patient cases and missed refills requires timely access to high-quality specialty patient status data. Our Field Reimbursement (FRM) analytics give your team the ability to navigate the FRM hierarchy from national to territory to individual patient case detail and prioritize patients most at risk of delayed initiation or discontinuation.


Patient Services

Your specialty brand is making considerable investments in patient support and engagement services. However, teams currently lack the tools to measure the effectiveness of those patient services.

IntegriChain’s Patient Services analytics combine patient services utilization data and specialty pharmacy sub-status data to give your brand a complete picture of the patient journey. Understanding the patient journey in context of how often and when specific services were utilized supports smarter patient engagement.

Specialty Pharmacy Analytics Benefits

Improve patient access, patient initiation, and patient adherence with real-time, actionable specialty pharmacy data analytics.

Identify Patient
Journey Barriers

Identify friction points in your specialty pharmacy operations and “actionable” patient cases where engagement can speed patient initiation or eliminate patient gap days

Prioritize Patient

Find your patients and providers who need support in time to connect them with your patients services and field reimbursement (FRM) teams 


Align Patient
Engagement Resources

Help your specialty brand to diagnose, size, and prioritize patient initiation and therapy adherence challenges and solutions


Enable Proactive
Reimbursement Triage

Empower Field Reimbursement (FRM) teams to proactively triage new patient cases, stalled patient cases, and missed refills 


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