It’s an exciting day for IntegriChain as we join forces with Blue Fin Group! I welcome the incredible Bill Roth and his outstanding team of associates to the IntegriChain umbrella.

This is IntegriChain’s fifth acquisition and a very important one. The pharma industry is rapidly shifting. As my longtime colleague and newly appointed President and COO Josh Halpern noted at our Access Insights Conference and his recent blog post, we’re seeing a number of trends in the evolving world of Market Access: an increased emphasis on innovation in contracting resulting from payer pressure; channel transformation as products don’t fit traditional retail models; regulatory pressure on pricing and access; and the drive from the C-suite for sophisticated GTN optimization just to name a few. The combined forces of IntegriChain and Blue Fin Group are ready to tackle these challenges, delivering the strategy, implementation, and data-driven insights that enable optimization of your access landscape. 

Simply put, Blue Fin Group helps develop commercialization strategies, and IntegriChain operationalizes them.

So what does this acquisition mean to pharma manufacturers and our customers? 

Our Commitment to the Channel

Contrary to reports, the channel is alive and well. But there is massive pressure on it. Payer fees and restrictions are driving white and brown bagging for medical benefit products, alternative channels are increasing for “spectail” or “spec-lite” products, and there’s a marked increase in direct sales and drop shipments. All of these create greater pricing and GTN uncertainty. And this is where you need Blue Fin Group and IntegriChain together: we are doubling down on serving pharma’s channel needs. We are dedicated to supporting your channel strategy and management and to ensuring you have the data insights you need to optimize pricing and GTN for success.

Powerhouse Expertise under One Umbrella

Together we have nearly 600 experienced and dedicated pharma professionals focused on government pricing, commercial contracting, patient support, channel design, channel management, and all things access. Blue Fin Group’s team of 40+ Consulting associates brings oceans of knowledge and experience to pharma companies that are launching new therapies. Importantly, IntegriChain’s business process expertise and first and only unified ICyte data platform will power Blue Fin Group’s ability to optimize commercialization strategies and solve the big access challenges of patient funnel pull through and GTN optimization.

Not just Another Consulting Company

Blue Fin Group is not just just another management consulting firm. They are unique and differentiated from the big consulting guys: they are a full-service management consulting firm laser-focused on market access and commercialization. And they are unique in the class of smaller pharma consulting firms by providing primary research that grounds the strategy in terms of how providers will think about reimbursement, site of care, patient journey, risks in the patient journey. Without this research, strategy is cookie cutter and not bespoke for unique products and situations.

Making Access Data More Actionable

Blue Fin Group delivers strategy and implementations that are structured to a specific therapy, a specific patient population, a specific therapeutic category, and specific payer pressures. The strategy Blue Fin Group delivers combined with IntegriChain’s data allows for massive in-depth what-if analyses and GTN and pricing optimization, pleasing the higher ups (and the Street) and improving access. Together, we will make ICyte data more actionable and more successful for our customers.

We are here to continue to innovate, to guide, and to partner with our hundreds of combined customers to make them more successful, and I am confident that the combination of IntegriChain and Blue Fin Group will help manufacturers achieve their access goals. These are indeed exciting times. Stay tuned for more from our new leaders in forthcoming blogs.

About the Author

Kevin E. Leininger

Kevin E. Leininger

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Kevin serves as Executive Chairman of IntegriChain, leading the Board of Directors' oversight of the company. Previously, he served as Chief Executive Officer for 16 years since co-founding the company in 2006. Under his leadership, IntegriChain grew to be a leading multinational enterprise that helps pharmaceutical manufacturers commercialize products, from strategy to operational execution.