Our latest ICyte advancement is all about achieving a unified platform vision for market access. GTN Analytics compliments IntegriChain’s GTN Accruals and GTN Forecasting solutions by delivering insights and uniquely integrating financial data with channel and patient data; including national demand, third-party logistics, specialty pharmacy, specialty distribution, and rebate data. This will help consolidate and improve the analytics experience for both Managed Services and SaaS users while seamlessly integrating into the patient and channel components of the ICyte platform.

The recent addition of GTN Analytics will improve the accuracy and predictability of accruals and forecasts through the following key components:

Data on Demand

Reduces the risk of GTN accrual mistakes and improves overall contract decision making by providing Finance and Market Access teams a consistent way to visualize, extract, and integrate data into existing workflows. GTN Analytics includes self-service data access, including ad-hoc analysis, pre-built reports and dashboards, on-demand data exports, and a robust API for business intelligence (BI) tools.

GTN Reporting

Allows manufacturers to evaluate key Gross-to-Net metrics and trends with web-based data visualization and analysis tools. Reports can be quickly created and are aligned with industry best practices, including product profit and loss statements, customer profit and loss statements, and actual and forecast variance analyses. Trends reporting includes a Mix of Gross Sales, Payer Mix of Demand Sales, GTN Average Discount Rate by GTN Line, and GTN Rate Trends to analyze the effectiveness of contract decision-making. Since contracts impact product utilization across trade/channels, payers, and gross-to-net, it also illustrates how distribution channels and indirect programs impact overall profitability.

Interested in finding out more? Get a closer look at some of these analytic enhancements and how they can benefit your business:

Mix of Gross Sales Units

GTN Analytics: Mix of Gross Sales Units

  • Mix of gross sales is an executive-level view of actual Gross Sales by customer over the last year (or time period of your choosing). This GTN analytic provides a clear view of your operational and financial management by measuring gross sales as well as the historical trend of the gross sales mix of the customer. This is a valuable analytic to have at-a-glance as it measures gross sales mix by customer over time as well as the aggregate or total gross sales trend of the company.

Financial Accrual Rate

GTN Analytics: GTN Financial Accrual Rate

  • This analytic is a simplified view of the GTN Financial Accrual Rate, which is GTN accrual dollars divided by Gross Sales. A company’s GTN Accrual rate is a leading indicator for product, profitability, and understanding net sales pull-through. This GTN Accrual rate view provides senior management a view of historical accrual rates over time (both aggregate and mix) as well as line items, proportion, and liability over time. These near real-time analytics empower operational and financial management teams to make informed, educated business decisions. Proactively analyzing this data as it occurs drives better understanding and product profitability. You can then leverage these insights to empower teams to evaluate their pricing and contracting structure. Gone will be the days of wondering and reactively digging to answer “What are the drivers of Net Sales fluctuations?”

Payer Mix of Demand Sales

GTN Analytics: Payer Mix of Demand Sales

  • Shown here as demand sale units by payer and in total (demand) from Specialty Pharmacy Dispense & National, the Payer Mix of Demand Sales measures trends in the patient utilization of your products. An executive-level view of payer mix over a period of time, this view serves as a leading indicator for patient utilization trends and its impact on the Gross-to-Net profitability landscape. You can see what is on the horizon, what is impacting your bottom line, and plan your GTN strategies accordingly.


Market access and finance leaders require consolidated views of existing data silos to manage their business. These data silos currently prevent vendors and customer teams from consolidating information in a consistent, efficient way. With the inception of GTN Analytics, market access and finance teams can now leverage simple, consolidated views across their Gross-to-Net datasets all within a single dashboard, so that the historical data and operational silos are no longer barriers to transparency and optimal business decisions.

For more information on what GTN Analytics can do for your business, reach out to your customer success manager or sales@integrichain.com.

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Mia Scioscia

Mia Scioscia

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