Best Practices in Managing and Optimizing DSA Contracts


Full-line pharmaceutical wholesale businesses are undergoing significant change. Confronted by fewer primary care brands going generic and cost pressure, wholesalers can no longer offer large manufacturers the same loss-leading distribution fees terms or service levels. On the other hand, some manufacturers cannot sustain increasing distribution costs due to gross to net pressure, and are moving towards new distribution models and  providers. In summary, the numbers and complexity of managing distribution agreements are growing. 

Against this backdrop, channel and market access leaders are struggling with holding their trading partners accountable to contractual commitments for data, inventory and service levels. Simultaneously, Trade Operations and Finance teams are often overwhelmed with the increased volume of contracts, payments and audit inquiries.

For more information on these trends, please contact or reach out to  David Weiss and Aaron Light.

David Weiss
VP, Industry Solutions

Aaron Light
Solutions Manager

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