Specialty Data Analytics Solutions

Specialty Patient Data and Analytics Solutions

IntegriChain’s specialty data solutions give bio/pharma manufacturers the insights they need to differentiate their products on the patient access experience. 

  1. How do I make it easier for my patients to start therapy and improve adherence? 
  2. How do I quickly identify and triage patients likely to experience access challenges? 
  3. How do I measure and improve my specialty pharmacy performance?
  4. How effectively do the patient services I’ve contracted for support rapid therapy initiation and long-term adherence?


Diagnostic and Predictive Analytics

IntegriChain’s Specialty Analytics delivers actionable, diagnostic insights that focus patient services and field account teams on the patients, providers, pharmacies, and payers where proactive interventions can have the biggest impact on initiation, adherence, and persistence. Our suite of diagnostic patient access analytics explain not just “what happened?”, but more importantly “why is it happening?” on key performance metrics like prior authorizations, cancellations, and forced transfers. With these insights, manufacturers can address the most important patient access challenge, and quickly alert brands to upcoming friction points in patient access and challenging patient cases. 

Purpose-built Patient Aggregation and Enrichment

IntegriChain Specialty Data Aggregation brings multiple datasets, including patient status data from specialty pharmacies, hub, co-pay, rebate claims, formulary data, and additional patient services information, into a single, unified analytics platform. Longitudinal patient records cover all interaction points on the therapy continuum. 

But we don’t stop there. Holistic patient journey insights must be built on “analytics ready” datasets. Our proprietary data science and AI processes actively seek out and resolve both explicit and implicit data issues, creating enriched patient access datasets to address inherent shortcomings in traditional specialty data. We create analytics-ready datasets that form the basis for justifiable, actionable insights. 

Market Benchmarks

Benchmarks based on trends across therapeutic categories provide targets for specialty brand performance against industry standards for specialty pharmacies, payers, and providers. We build dynamic benchmarks based on unique baskets of products that correspond to our customers’ definition of markets, not just therapeutic categories. These market benchmarks let specialty brands answer the question “what does good look like?” around all components of specialty patient access. 

Event Analogs and Alerting

IntegriChain’s specialty data and analytics offering includes event-driven user notifications on key patient access milestones that give you the ability to anticipate potential risk-based outcomes and actionable solutions.

We score a script’s likely risk for access and shipment based on heuristic algorithms that monitor performance across the entire specialty data warehouse, and immediately notify critical reimbursement resources. Early and informed interventions on challenging access situations prevent script abandonment, and differentiate your product from the first patient interaction. 

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