Patient Data Refinery

Patient Data Refinery

Fill gaps in your specialty pharmacy data for a clear view of your patient journey

IntegriChain’s Patient Data Refinery draws on our industry-leading data science and master data management to deliver high-quality specialty data.

Poor data quality remains the number one issue that limits a specialty brand’s use of specialty pharmacy patient status data.

Patient status updates are frequently:

  • Missing
  • Misordered
  • Mismapped
  • Used Incorrectly

Poor patient status data quality prevents you from gaining true insights into your brand’s patient journey. Without a complete and accurate picture of the patient journey, your specialty brand won’t be able to identify the friction points that delay initiation and cause interruptions in therapy.

By utilizing world-class data science to monitor, cleanse, and map aggregated specialty data, IntegriChain’s Patient Data Refinery greatly improves the accuracy and actionability of patient status data.

Data Mastering for Payer, Plan, and Channel

Our “best in breed” data mastering integrates payer, plan, and channel across your brand’s specialty pharmacy and patient services data. Establishing a golden record for payer/plan/channel elevates the level of actionable patient journey insights available to your specialty brand.

Robust payer/plan/channel mastering makes it possible to diagnose friction points in the patient journey that can be attributed to payer- or channel-related reasons. For example, your team can triage stalled prior authorizations where trends point to specific Payers as the common feature of cases experiencing delayed initiation.

Data mastering also gives your specialty brand the momentum to pursue predictive analytics where payer/plan can be used to proactively identify patients likely to experience initiation delays.

Matching, De-Identification and Tokenization

  • De-identification at data provider
  • Patient matching
  • File monitoring and de-identification issue resolution

Data Cleansing

  • File monitoring for accuracy and completeness
  • Data validation
  • Patient sub-status error correction
  • Advanced data quality diagnostics

Patient Data Refinery Benefits

Ensure Patient Status Visibility

Ensure field teams have daily, accurate visibility to the status of their patients


Accountability for
Data Quality

Hold network specialty pharmacies (SPs) accountable for patient sub-status data quality and contractual obligations 


Streamline Data Availability

Shift the burden of requesting patient status updates off of the Field Reimbursement (FRM) team


Accurate Metrics
and Analytics

Drive higher quality data into your patient journey analytics and sales operations


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