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Making Specialty Patient Journey Data Actionable

Inconsistent patient status records and overall data quality are two of the most obvious challenges preventing specialty brands from making more information decisions to differentiate the patient experience. IntegriChain Specialty Analytics makes specialty pharmacy data actionable by enriching patient sub-status records, transforming those records into diagnostic analytics, and providing data confidence indicators that explain data quality. 

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Patient Sub-Status Data Cleansing
IntegriChain enriches patient sub-status records with metadata. Specialty Analytics intelligently apportions the dozens of sub-status codes into customizable accrual stages such as Prior Authorization, Benefits Verification, and Financial. 

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IntegriChain Specialty Analytics

Improve specialty therapy initiation and adherence through actionable patient journey insights made possible by world-class data science


Moving Manufacturers Beyond Basic Reporting to Predictive Analytics

Today’s specialty pharmacy data platforms fulfill the brand’s need for patient status and patient service data aggregation and foundational metric reporting. But specialty brands are struggling to progress from reporting to actionable analytics that are diagnostics and ultimately predictive. The maturation of analytics is being slowed by a combination of critical challenges in the underlying data and the inherent limitations of reporting. 

Specialty Analytics helps specialty brands go beyond basic metric reporting – the what – and achieve true, guided analytics that provide answers – the why.

Specialty Analytics combines patient status diagnostics, data confidence scoring, payer/plan unblinding, and market benchmarking to enrich and transform specialty pharmacy patient-level data. The result is a trusted, more complete set of actionable insights at the disposal of a brand and its supporting teams that can be used to inform channel strategy and fine-tune execution.

Data Confidence Alerting to Assess Validity of Insights

An assessment of 15 brands across 40 specialty pharmacies and multiple therapeutic categories performed by IntegriChain found considerable variance in the reporting of patient level status and sub-status data. Strategic decisions made by a brand’s manufacturer based on incomplete or flawed data are less meaningful and less likely to deliver return on investment (ROI). 

Specialty Analytics deploys an on-demand data confidence indicator to convey the completeness of patient level data being reported by contracted specialty pharmacies to a manufacturer. Get answers to these important questions:

  • Has the specialty pharmacy agreed to report all fields relevant to a given metric such as Time to First Fill?
  • Is the specialty pharmacy actively reporting all fields relevant to a given metric such as Medication Possession Ratio?
  • Are there any outliers present in the data with the potential to skew metrics?

Knowing the state of specialty pharmacy data a manufacturer can properly weigh its conclusions and take steps to improve the data it’s receiving. 

Specialty Analytics Benefits

Accelerate Patient Initiation

Reduce Time-to-First-Fill days by proactively initiating data-driven strategies to overcome policy restrictions such as Prior Authorization and Benefit Verification.


Target Rx Pull Through

Develop targeted campaigns to lower the number of patient Rxs lost to competing brands.  


Enhance Provider Confidence

Leverage diagnostic analytics to mitigate delays due to lack of inventory. 


Improve Therapy Adherence

Compare a brand’s historic Time-on-Therapy trends against network average to develop patient initiation strategies. 


Optimize Service Model Spend

Prioritize service investment in co-pay cards and foundation assistance based on integrated information as opposed to intuition.


Scale Account Management

Our robust, mobile analytics platform provides actionable insights to growing teams as a brand’s network expands to include more specialty pharmacies. 


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