IntegriChain and Blue Fin Group Join Forces

IntegriChain and Blue Fin Group Join Forces

Therapy commercialization PLUS insights

As new therapies have evolved from primary care to specialty, patients face access barriers because they don’t receive the type of support necessary to navigate their insurance, their out-of-pocket expenses are higher than they are used to, and don’t know where to go for physical access to the product. Blue Fin Group aligns all the elements of marketing, market access, field sales, pharmacy and distribution and patient services as a seamless commercial strategy that helps optimize patient outcomes. Together, our combined team of experts focus on solving your biggest access challenges: patient funnel pull through and GTN optimization–all powered by ICyte’s data and insights for commercial, GTN, and “what if” analyses for complete optimization. Simply put, Blue Fin Group helps develop commercialization strategies, and IntegriChain operationalizes them.


Powerhouse combined expertise

We are the go-to team for access, commercialization, GTN, and channel strategy and insights. Combined we now have more than 65 expert Consulting associates ready to help you with commercialization, access, GTN optimization, and channel strategy and design. Together, we serve hundreds of pharma manufacturers, including all top-30. Let us know how we can help you with your first or next launch.


From launch to the full product lifecycle support

Manufacturers seek out Blue Fin Group two to three years prior to launch to help them determine how payers and patients will support new therapies and how to set up their access organizations and processes. IntegriChain helps manufacturers closer to launch, readying market access systems, data, and business processes for launch. And together, we both support the full lifecycle of commercialization, advancing from this pre-commercial strategy to operational execution and data-driven optimization.


Our joint commitment to the channel

Unlike some pharma consultants and data providers, we’re not walking away from the channel. We know its importance to manufacturers, especially given buy-and-bill products account for 40% of new launches. In these times of accelerating channel changes, Blue Fin Group is here to guide you with channel strategy and design and IntegriChain is here for ICyte channel data.


From research to optimization

Together, we are the only combination of access experts taking you from primary research to strategy and implementation and optimization. To start, Blue Fin Group uniquely delivers primary research specific to your therapy and competitive class. With this primary research in hand, they build your access and commercialization strategy and implementation plan. And now they take it one step further, utilizing ICyte insights to adjust your programs and spend to optimize your access programs, payer agreements, and GTN.


No service interruptions

Blue Fin Group will operate as a separate company within the IntegriChain umbrella. There are no service interruptions for either ongoing Blue Fin Group or IntegriChain work or contracts. Keep doing what you’re doing and working with the same teams.

Learn more

Learn more about Blue Fin Group. Read the press release here. If you have specific questions, please reach out to your IntegriChain account director and/or your Blue Fin Group associate.

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