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Optimize Brand Access Strategy through Predictive Analytics and Contract Performance Analysis

Transform Data into Contract Performance
We deliver best-in-class Payer Analytics that help Life Sciences manufacturers optimize brand access strategy through contract profitability. Our Payer Analytics offering helps you negotiate more profitable managed market contracts, automate existing contracting processes, ensure contract compliance, and track contract performance. 

Payer Solutions

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“The robust reports generated enable more accurate forecasting and financial analysis.”

– Senior Director, Top-10 Pharma

Rated #1 by Zensights | Contract Analytics


Analytics and Insights Optimize Payer Contracts

We apply advanced big-data technology solutions to solve your business challenges, improve contract revenues, and optimize rebate investments. Based on decades of experience in developing best practices for managed market contracts and pricing optimization, Payer Analytics helps you optimize contract performance. 

KPI vitals and guided analytics allow you to quickly identify market gaps and opportunities, including contract performance, formulary scenario planning, and competitive positioning. We answer key questions including: 

  • Which contracted customers are underperforming key measures such as product brand, channel, and market?
  • What is the expected profit margin if we increase product price and decrease rebates based on historical data?
  • Why is our formulary position in the same market and quarter disadvantaged for our top customers?


Deep Payer Insights

Payer Analytics delivers key analytics and insights to drive your payer strategy:

  • Account valuation and recommended pricing
  • Contract negotiation blueprint
  • Pre-deal, formulary-based financial analysis
  • Formulary strength reporting
  • Rebate accrual and forecasting
  • Post-deal analysis
  • Performance scorecard
  • Medicaid | managed markets forecasts
  • Business question driven reporting

Payer Analytics help Life Sciences manufacturers analyze and create action plans for:

  • Utilization trends 
  • Book of business analysis 
  • Formulary, contract driven rejection rates
  • Average copay levels
  • Account/product profitability
  • Quarterly trending 
  • Regional comparisons 
  • Channel performance for commercial, Part D, and Medicaid

Additionally, our price protection offering allows you to project the impact of multiple deal scenarios per customer, contract segment, and product in terms of market share, profitability, and other financial metrics. 

Payer Analytics Benefits

Maximize Contract Performance

Investigate and analyze factors affecting your contracts and create formulary scenarios to maximize profitability.  


Optimize Rebate Investments

Create scenarios to maximize profit margin through trend analysis of product price and rebates.


Analyze Competitive Performance

Deep dive into performance and formulary position against your competitors. 


Maintain Deal Transparency

Analyze actuals against expectations and understand key drivers of trends. 


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