Workshop: Build a Forward-Thinking Specialty
Pharmacy Data & Analytics Strategy

IntegriChain is working with dozens of leading specialty brands across therapeutic classes to operationalize specialty pharmacy data for SP Account Management, Field Reimbursement, and Patient Services. If your team is building an SP data strategy from the ground up as you prepare for launch or are re-evaluating your current approach, we are offering a half-day thought leadership workshop to share our perspective on commercialization in the SP channel and successful implementation of SP data and analytics strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding of how SP data contracting terms/requirements impact “actionability” of data, set up data quality and performance measurements, and tie back to patient access KPIs/metrics
  • Therapeutic class-specific applications of analytics to identify patient access barriers and actionable insights needed to improve therapy initiation and adherence KPIs
  • Potential strategies for SP patient status data excellence including cleansing, enrichment, master data management, quality metrics, and enterprise integration

The agenda for our workshop includes the following topics:

Specialty Pharmacy (SP) Data Contracting Best Practices

Language included in SP data contracts sets expectations and standards for the patient status reports you’ll receive from your SP partners. In this section, we’ll discuss successful practices for data frequency and granularity as well as how contract language can enable your team to measure SPs on data quality.  

Channel and SP Network Design Trends (TA Specific)

How will you build a channel strategy and design an SP network that best provides your patients with timely access to therapy? Here we’ll share insights on the mix of independent and Payer-owned pharmacies, Reimbursement support strategies, and how these considerations can vary by therapeutic area.  

SP Data Quality & Reporting Trends

Poor data quality is preventing your teams from realizing actionable patient access insights. SP patient status data updates are often:

  • Missing or delayed
  • Out of sequence
  • Used incorrectly

We’ll review a set of trend reports that quantify the SP data quality issue and share strategies specialty brands are using to overcome poor data quality and timeliness to enable more proactive and even predictive patient case triage.

Best Practices — Analyzing Patient Access Risk

We work with dozens of specialty brands across TAs to identify the greatest potential patient access barriers for therapy initiation and adherence. Using a blend of data science, business logic, and artificial intelligence (AI), our suite of analytics focuses your team on the patient cases most at risk. We’ll share examples relevant to your brand’s patient access. 

Top 5 Business Applications of SP Patient Status Data including Perspectives on Compliance

How are specialty brand’s leveraging IntegriChain’s patient data & analytics solutions to operationalize SP patient status data? We’ll use this section of the workshop to walk you through the most impactful business applications for a set of stakeholders including SP Account Management, Field Reimbursement, and Patient Services.  

Approaches to Longitudinal De-ID and Enterprise
Data Integration

How will your provide cross-functional visibility to patient data? Here, we’ll share our perspective on a number of strategies to accomplish de-identification of patient data and integration with syndicated assets. We’ll also discuss various approaches to data warehousing and CRM integration, which ultimately impact vital business functions like incentive compensation and competitive analysis. 

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