Optimizing Physical Access and Affordability Challenges for Branded RX Products: Meeting a $35 Patient Out-of-Pocket Target

July 16, 2024 1:00 PM

Branded Pharmaceutical Manufacturers from large to emerging are struggling to ensure patients can find pharmacies that are capable and willing of dispensing Gen Med non-specialty brands, which account for 8% of the prescriptions that flow out of the pharmacy. Home Delivery and Digital Pharmacy have attempted to provide feasible solutions, but to date have been insufficient to address these mounting barriers to access. Part 1 in our 3 part series will focus on how manufacturers can combat these challenges.

Join our webinar to:

  • Review motivating factors for manufacturers to cap patient out of pocket spend
  • Identify the tactics available to manufacturers to achieve a $35 patient out of pocket
  • Evaluate pros/cons (tradeoffs) each these tactics present
  • Understand the situations and scenarios best suited for $35 program utilization

Gain valuable insights on:

  • Patient price cap programs
  • Obstacles that prevent the conversion of generated prescriptions
  • Operational design of a successful $35 program
  • When to use $35 offer vs insurance to dispense Rx

Katie Herrick
Principal Consultant

Daniel Landis
Senior Consultant

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