October 29, 2014

IntegriChain Launches New Mobile-Optimized Channel Management and Demand Sensing Cloud for Healthcare Suppliers

Princeton, NJ – October 29, 2014 – IntegriChain, a rapidly growing cloud company focused on channel management for healthcare suppliers, today announced it has launched a new release of the IntegriChain Cloud focused on mobile user access and near real-time demand sensing to maximize the accessibility and value of channel data throughout the supplier enterprise. This release allows IntegriChain customers, including 13 of the top 15 leading North American pharmaceutical companies, to sense daily fluctuations in product demand and inventory and immediately understand their underlying causes through contextual and exception-driven analytics. In addition, this release provides new ways for mobile users and extended channel data stakeholders to benefit from IntegriChain’s analytics.

New access features expand the use of the IntegriChain Cloud and its channel insights across the healthcare supplier enterprise. Mobile access is now available through smartphones and tablets including iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ devices. In addition, risk-based authentication (RBA), a tokenless yet highly secure authentication scheme, makes access easier. The IntegriChain Cloud also now offers report scheduling, sharing, and email distribution to simplify and automate the sharing of channel data and insights throughout the commercial organization, even to those who will never log-on to the IntegriChain Cloud directly. A new interface, including a home page dashboard, makes it easy to use and navigate.

The demand sensing capabilities address two issues facing the healthcare supplier market. First, in the slower-growth healthcare environment, manufacturer operations and corporate performance are much more sensitive to small changes in inventory and demand. Second, reduced inventory levels in the channel create the need for excellence in inventory management to sustain both patient access to product and healthcare practitioner confidence. To address these industry challenges, the new IntegriChain demand sensing capabilities offer guided contextual analytics, which are best practice demand analytics, to accelerate the interpretation of trade demand. Suppliers can now proactively and easily drill down into their channel data to analyze real-time channel fluctuations – including growth measures, performance measures, sales trends, inventory details, and inventory rollup – to make informed and strategic decisions to improve business performance.

“This release is a powerful step forward as we continue to evolve the IntegriChain Cloud to deliver big data insights for channel management to meet today’s healthcare supplier industry demands,” said Kevin Leininger, CEO of IntegriChain. “In our ongoing mission to deliver operational excellence to our customers, this release makes channel data more immediately accessible and actionable for more stakeholders to receive real-time business insights – not just historic analysis. With this new release of the IntegriChain Cloud, healthcare suppliers can answer ‘what is occurring right now in my business and why?’ wherever they might be.”

About IntegriChain
IntegriChain is the leading channel management cloud used by healthcare suppliers to manage supply chain relationships, inventories, and orders across retailers, ecommerce, and distributors. More than $200 billion in annual US commerce and 1.5 billion transactions will flow through the IntegriChain Cloud in 2014. As a suite of informed applications and analytics built on top of channel inventory and point-of-sale (POS) data, IntegriChain provides customer operations, national accounts, and finance teams with a collaborative, agile, and mobile alternative to ERP and home-grown systems. By embedding big data customer insights into daily business processes, IntegriChain helps to control the high cost of product distribution while improving product availability. This ensures that suppliers achieve a higher level of revenue predictability and get the most out of their distribution investment. For more information, please visit


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