January 9, 2017

IntegriChain Launches First and Only Unified Payer and Channel Analytics Suite to Maximize Pharmacy Rx Pull Through

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Can Identify Individual Pharmacies Where Products Are Over- and Under-Performing alongside Critical Payer, Rejection/Reversal, Co-Pay, and Policy Restriction Insights

Philadelphia, PA, January 9, 2017 IntegriChain, a rapidly growing healthcare technology company focused on life sciences channel management, today announced the launch of Pharmacy Analytics, a unified suite of payer and channel analytics that addresses critical gaps in Brands’ visibility to prescription pull through in the community pharmacy. Pharmacy Analytics augments the insights delivered in the IntegriChain Pharmacy enriched dataset of competitive market deciles with critical patient access data assets including formulary, claims, and claims and co-pay card redemption data.

“With the growth in high-deductible health plans, pharmacy deductibles, and co-pay differentials, patient out-of-pocket costs are increasing and patients are abandoning more scripts at the retail pharmacy counter,“ said Josh Halpern, co-founder and Executive Vice President of IntegriChain. “The community pharmacist is an increasingly important influencer in getting and keeping patients on therapy, and many pharmaceutical brand companies have launched campaigns in the retail channel to increase pull through of new prescriptions, enhance patient access to therapy, and promote adherence. With existing data, however, Brand and Trade teams can only understand the ‘what’ of their pharmacy pull through; now with new IntegriChain Pharmacy Analytics, they can also understand the ‘why’s’ of retail pharmacy performance and create targeted campaigns to improve marketing effectiveness and keep patients on therapy.”

About IntegriChain Pharmacy Analytics
With IntegriChain Pharmacy Analytics, manufacturers can identify the specific pharmacies where a brand is performing or underperforming combined with critical context for the populations the pharmacies service including: payer/plan mix, patient out-of-pocket costs, policy restrictions, and rates of claim rejections and reversals. This combination yields uniquely actionable insights that Brand, Trade, and Sales teams can turn into targeted, regionally-specific campaigns to:

  • Accelerate growth by engaging pharmacists on formulary wins to increase pull through at the pharmacies with impacted patient lives
  • Reduce abandonment by developing effective education strategies and campaigns for pharmacists who see the most Rxs with policy restrictions to mitigate formulary losses and coverage gaps
  • Protect market share by identifying which pharmacies fill the prescriptions for existing patients along with each pharmacy’s rough payer mix to better protect market share when a formulary loss occurs
  • Optimize marketing spend by ensuring co-pay cards are distributed to pharmacies with high rejection/reversal rates and high patient out-of-pocket costs
  • Reduce marketing risk by identifying co-pay program misuse in the pharmacy and educate the responsible pharmacists on appropriate use

About IntegriChain
IntegriChain is a rapidly growing healthcare technology company, offering the leading cloud for channel data aggregation, analytics, and applications for life sciences suppliers to improve patient access. Pharmaceutical, biopharm/specialty pharma, generics, and medtech suppliers leverage insights from IntegriChain’s unmatched visibility to product distribution and demand to optimize product commercialization and to address critical risks throughout the patient journey and product life cycle. IntegriChain delivers the data and analytics foundation for more efficient and service-oriented channel models for mature product categories as well as for innovative products that must balance significant therapeutic benefit with out-of-pocket costs and benefit hurdles. Today IntegriChain is the trusted partner for 13 of the top-15 life science companies and more than 50 other suppliers, totaling $200 billion in annual US commerce. IntegriChain is backed by Accel-KKR, a leading Silicon Valley technology private equity firm. For more information, visit and our blog, and follow us on Twitter @IntegriChain and LinkedIn.

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