September 8, 2014

IntegriChain Bolsters Customer Care and Data Quality

Princeton, NJ – September 8, 2014 – IntegriChain, a rapidly growing cloud company focused on channel management for health brands, today announced it has strengthened and expanded its Customer Care team and named William Van Derveer, a leading expert in statistical process control and data quality, as Director of Data Quality.

Prior to joining IntegriChain, Van Derveer was Director of Data Governance and QC at Veeva Systems, a leading cloud-based software company, where he was responsible for the maintenance and governance of the Veeva Network national customer master database. At IntegriChain, Van Derveer, who holds Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, will focus on enhancing IntegriChain’s process-oriented approach to ensure the highest levels of data governance, quality, and customer responsiveness as he leads the data quality efforts and team.

IntegriChain has also significantly expanded its Customer Care team to better service the Company’s extensive customer base in the pharmaceutical segment. The IntegriChain team of customer-focused Data Analysts, who work with customers on a day-to-day basis to ensure they are provided with accurate and timely downstream channel data, recently doubled. Additionally, the Company added three new Senior Business Analysts who are dedicated to large accounts for high-level data analysis. These senior analysts focus specifically on ensuring responsive communications and the highest quality of channel data analytics and metrics required by the Company’s Informed Applications: IntegriChain Scorecard, IntegriChain Signals, IntegriChain Order Monitoring, and IntegriChain Order Planning. These products drive customers’ business insights and decision making in such areas such as optimized inventory management, enhanced forecasting, sharpened reserves management, and channel partner compensation.

“As IntegriChain rapidly grows and offers more complex channel management products, we are materially investing in an analytically strong and sophisticated team to better serve our pharmaceutical customers, comprising virtually all of the leading US suppliers,” said Kevin Leininger, CEO of IntegriChain. “We have increased the quality of the human capital in Customer Care and are confident that William and his team of analysts will further enhance our leading-edge processes designed to deliver world-class quality channel management data and customer responsiveness.”

“Our investments and focus on data governance and customer service, including the new dedicated Senior Business Analysts, will drive increases in our data quality and response times to customers, as we have defined in our new service level and support agreements,” said Dennis O’Malley, Vice President, Technical Operations. “Our new team offers customers a depth of quality, statistical process control, and customer communication skills that will be unmatched.”

About IntegriChain
IntegriChain is the leading channel management cloud used by suppliers to manage relationships, inventories, and orders across retailers, e-tailers, and distributors. More than $200 billion in US channel commerce will flow through the IntegriChain cloud in 2014. As a suite of informed applications built on top of channel inventory and point-of-sale (POS) data, IntegriChain provides customer operations, national accounts, and finance teams with a collaborative, agile, and mobile alternative to ERP and home-grown systems. By embedding big data customer insights into daily business processes, IntegriChain helps to control the high cost of product distribution while improving product availability. This ensures that suppliers achieve a higher level of revenue predictability and get the most out of their distribution investment. For more information, please visit


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