Order Management’s Costly Risks

Life sciences suppliers are struggling to sustain product availability in the channel while preventing inefficient product hoarding and costly price speculation.

As price increases and product availability issues become more common in both the generic and branded markets, channel ordering patterns are becoming more volatile and putting strain on the suppliers’ ability to balance profitability and its service level commitments.

Most suppliers now have access to daily inventory reports from their major customers. But despite having growing amounts of timely data, they lack the real time order insights that could prevent lost sales, margin erosion, and forecast mistakes:

  • The inventory data is often in spreadsheet reports and scattered data warehouses as opposed to the actual order application.
  • Customer service doesn’t have the time to navigate between disparate systems to make order decisions.
  • Business rules in the suppliers’ legacy order systems are too inflexible to manage evolving order risks.
  • Product allocations are a cumbersome and error-prone process.
  • Building out a solution in the ERP is cost prohibitive and gated through overextended IT teams.

Suppliers are continuously seeking tighter collaboration with their customers, but they need to free up human capital that is bogged down in manual, spreadsheet-driven tasks and unwieldy legacy applications.

Real-Time Order Analytics. Real-Time Context.

With our Order Management application, IntegriChain has automated the order and line item business rules that brand and generic suppliers need to get the right amount of product to the right place at the right time.

IntegriChain’s solution extends your ERP’s capabilities – letting the ERP do what it does best while providing a cost efficient cloud solution to the order monitoring problem. Through our cloud’s integration layer, including a certified SAP adapter, IntegriChain is able to receive orders from your ERP and transmit approved and modified orders back in near real time.

IntegriChain’s Demand Visibility services provide Order Management teams with an end-to-end view of the life sciences channel, from customer’s historic orders through to wholesale and downstream inventory. IntegriChain’s industry-leading analytics fill gaps in customer reported data, providing a comprehensive view of how product flows through wholesale and retail channels and ultimately fills demand.

Best of all, IntegriChain’s Order Management application puts the channel data side by side with problematic orders in a single view. In a single click of the mouse or touch on an iPad, customer service reps can investigate a problematic order or line item and see the key contextual channel data they need in order to make the right decision. In just one more click, they can modify and/or approve the order. No more spreadsheets, no more navigating between several systems.

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